5 Tips to Pick a Watermelon Perfectly Sweet and Ripe Every Time!

My 5 tips for picking perfect sweet watermelons every time. I’ll give you the knowledge and understanding of temperature, season, tendrils, field spots, and the all …


  1. Finally someone confirms what I'm doing for years: always choose watermelons by listening the sound while slightly clapping on it. And you imagin the faces of people around when you are doing it on market or in stores… 😁😁😁

  2. Thanks for all you do young man. Friend told me cut off water 2 – 3 days before harvest. Makes plant pull more sugar. Have never put it up for verification. But grew some awesome 2nd gen. Sugar Babies this year. Did not know about the tindrell. As Always Great Video. 👍

  3. I'm not sure what's up with my watermelons, I have Charleston Grey watermelons growing and one is about the size of a softball and the tendril is already halfway dried out. The plants are still nice and green but I expected this to get much bigger. I am keeping it in the vine until the tendril is completely dead, it has been halfway for about a week or two now, but the melon seems to be growing very very slowly. It gets plenty of water daily.

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