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  1. Hey nice garden dude….I can't wait to build one of my own. Did you know that the gvmnt expects us to buy their gvmnt seed in order for it to be a legal grow! The same rules apply for the weed…if its not from their stores…then its blackmarket weed according to them! Their seeds are being released soon. These seeds will be trackable seeds meaning they all come with a barcode to put on the planter making them "legal". So if we're using other seeds from other seed banks…we're growing illegally!!! πŸ™

  2. Part of the problem is "give you the legal right to". Government shouldn't be in the business of "giving" any right. The government exists for the people, not the other way around. My explanation to a government official would be.. we the people decided to legalize. Therefore we the people instruct the government to cease criminalization. No rights are given by government here. The government is exercising the will of the people. πŸ™‚

  3. What strains ?? Looks like Humboldt to me ?? Sapphire Scout & Mango Sapphire ??

    Maybe even OGKZ ?? Even True O.G back crossed with True O.G (707 Headband) ??

    Great job !! I take it their all photo period ?? I'd say so as most auto buds are tiny '~'

  4. Nice Bro!!!! Keep It Up πŸ’―πŸ’―

    im happy, Because Mars Hydro Send Me The TS1000 Growlight!! The Unboxing Video will be online by tomorrow 😍 Check it out if you have a chance too β€πŸ‘Š

  5. Quick question, if I had a few seeds sprout yet they did not pop out the soil land after checking the soil a week later were still intact (even though I followed LITERALLY everything right to my knowledge but no experience) then I replanted the seeds outside

    Do you think the root will grow? I'm scared it didn't grow because when watering them, the pressure may have moved them deeper down, can that be a problem?

  6. Lots of holes in that canopy, larf, and stuff that looks like Beasters….

    If America invades and your actions save yourself, it would be possible for you to get access to proper growing material.

    Consider that when it's time to make a choice.

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