12 THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: sexuality, insecurities + more

Eeeep I can’t believe I’m actually sharing these things with you! I hope that this video leaves you feeling closer to me, understood in your own unique qualities, …


  1. Regard your sexuality, You are so beautiful and have a great body and I must say "what"? I know that coming from me, a very sexual male, makes me think that you MAY not have had sexual experiences that were good for you. Sex is 80% mental and for any male to please a woman he has to have a certain mentality to REALLY want to please a Woman and have her feel sexual. Over the years I have worked very hard in doing this. I believe that once you experience that extremely and wonderful and intense feeling from being with someone who REALLY wants to please the woman he is with and take all consideration of himself out of the equation you might have a different feeling. I am not a conceded nor vain person. I am far from perfect in any way, but I know it takes constant effort to REALLY please a woman as she deserves. I find you so brave to even say this and I pray that someday someone will help change your mind and or emotion toward sexuality. I pray that you have the most exciting and satisfying sex ever in the future, an experience so wonderful that you will announce it to the world.

  2. Have you heard of Unitarian universalists? When you describe your religion it sounds like the basis for uu! At my uu church many, many religious congregate and love each other. If you havent heard of it id highly advise looking into it ❤😌

  3. It would be really great to see a video on grey-asexuality if you can! I don’t know you, but I’m proud of you for sharing that about yourself in this video, haha. I’m asexual and I would love to learn more about grey-asexuality. 😊

  4. OMG YES WERE THE SAME PERSON <3 FINALLY ANOTHER ASEXUAL!!!!!!!!!!! I COULD TELL WE WERE ALIKE YESSSSSSSS. thats so cool u went to montessori. ily so much. i feel like were the same person. r u an infp too?!

  5. If you like a pair of earrings but your body is struggling to accept the metal, coat the parts your ears will touch with a thin coat of clear nail polish. I have sensitive earlobes and it helps a bunch.

  6. I used to be a super conservative Christian and I would have SO disagreed with what you said about religion, but now that I've given up religion, I agree with you and believe that God is one! There is no "wrong" God. If you pray to God, it is the same God, simple as that!

  7. Why do you all care about her sexuality. Its something she identifies with why are we so nose. It is what it is we agree on it or not, it's never going to bug me in any personal way so, just tell me how you wanna be identified as (he, she. Whatever else their is ) and I'll respect it just like I expect you to respect me. It was hard for her to share even if yall want a video let her choose

  8. I'd really love to hear more about this sexuality from you and get to know more about it 🙂 (as long as you feel comfortable with sharing this). Thanks, cheers from Spain!

  9. Why do you young people have to use a "term" to describe whether you like to fuck or not. There is no such thing as gray asexual or whatever you said. You either like sex alot, a little or none. Stop putting yourselves in groups.

    And most religion is NOT based on love. Its based on rules, fear put on their believers, judegement, and violence and death. Religion is a scam to keep people in line. Thats all

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