★ This is NOT OK! Am I leaving Youtube? (Youtube Changes 2018)

This is NOT OK! Am I leaving Youtube? (Youtube Changes 2018) In Today’s Project Diary Video I will be explaining more of Youtube’s policy changes and new …


  1. Like SandiRose, I stopped watching tv years ago – no-one speaks below 90 decibels, anger and argument are the norm. I started watching YT to be challenged – to learn from people with interesting lives and hobbies, from those like yourself with skills who generously share their knowledge. I don't want to see those channels die out, to be left with dumbed-down content or hysterical sales pitches. YT is risking the loss of so many interesting people and skills. Very sad. I too will follow the good ones to other social media.

  2. You were flagged??? Holy s**t, you are about the most inoffensive person on YouTube! You don't talk politics (thank gods), you hardly even talk about other people. You're a freaking gardening channel (well, mostly), and a very good one at that. WTF is to flag???

  3. Hiya! You asked for suggestions on future videos…..music concerts/venues inUK would be great! Perhaps a look back at your history in the industry? Thanks for considering….wish I could bottle up some sunshine and send it your way. All the very best.

  4. I find YT OK for my needs. I do hope they get some kind of secure license where old movies and TV and music can be streamed without copyright problems effecting public domain access.

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