1. Great video, man. 5 months clean, myself. I plan on going to school within the next couple months. I'm in my early 40s and I've smoked weed pretty much daily since college. If I can give it up, anyone can. The first month was tough; and I had to reevaluate many friendships. Now, I don't miss it. My mind is sharper and I can breath much better. Stay safe out there, driver!

  2. What if I pass my piss test but not hair test??? My brothers smoke and we share an apartment together but I stopped smoking and piss clean

  3. Yeah… but at same time, you’re talking about with a failed drug test you can’t get CDL A job anymore!!! at all!!whatsoever!!… ****INCORRECT!!! ****You can still be a CDL A driver!!!! there’s classes you have to do and such in order to meet standards… but as far as automatic lifetime disqualification from becoming CDL A OTR truck driver… ***WRONG**despite testing positive, you can still be OTR driver once you complete courses showing you’re not using anymore and you get tested more often randomly to continue showing your clean and sober. Yes perhaps you will be judged or turned away from some company’s because of testing positive, Despite completing the drug class and being reinstated. Not that I support using drugs or anything of that nature, but if you’re going to sit up here and supposedly try to give information or be informative in some form or fashion the least you can do is be accurate and have facts and come correct. Anybody these days just gets up here starting they’re YouTube trucker channel SMH

  4. I can’t lie shit is like modern day slavery these white ppl love to drink coke crack pills dope heroin n yes some white ppl smoke weed too smh but all that shit get out ya system in a days work n weed stays long they know the majority of blacks smoke smh so this and giving felonies is a way to set blacks back smfh I fuxkin hate this racist ass world we live in

  5. If you were a heavy smoker it will still show up on the test for years. As long as you quit for a month or so before the test you'll pass.They can tell from the levels if it's residual or if your still smoking.

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