We Applied For An Apartment | Thoughts On Quitting Van Life

In this vlog, we went apartment hunting and applied for an apartment! I also go into detail on my thoughts about quitting van life and setting some goals for …


  1. I think you guys are interesting people. Even without van life i think you’re still interesting people. I enjoy watching your personalities and enjoy the way you guys edit your videos. Im sure you guys have a lot to offer outside of van life. Being you is a lot to offer.

  2. Since you guys are going to be more stationed in Portland. Could you guys maybe start a series of “things to do” in Portland or other parts of Oregon, or the PNW? I’d be really into that since I’ve been wanting to roam around Oregon and the PNW for a while now. 💃🏽 i see you guys enjoy the outdoors, food, coffee, beer. So maybe showing your favorite of those places would be cool. I enjoy all of those things.

  3. My husband and I have been thinking about van life recently after wanting to minimize our items and after a horrible move to a new apartment and wanting to travel more. I am glad I found your channel! Super excited to be able to see your journey in new lands!

  4. I love all of your goal setting, tarot reading, type A SWOT analysis life living stuff. You seem more genuine in this vlog and about your future which is really refreshing! Good luck with all of your new projects✨✨ Excited for your content to evolve and grow with this new chapter!

  5. I'm sure there are people who might not watch your channel anymore if there is no van content BUT that doesn't mean there isn't another fan base waiting to discover content that can come out of your new adventure. I believe that knowing what your viewers want is important but even more important than that is enjoying your life, being happy with the changes and challenges awaiting you, and setting goals that lead you to where you want to be down the line and if you make those things a priority people will watch you. You'll lose some viewers for a bit and then you will gain a new audience and those of who don't mind whatever content is coming so long as it's the two of you and your pup, will stick around.

  6. I'm so sad because I found your channel not long ago by watching your old van tours, but I will stay subscribed to see how you will make the transition from van life to apartment life.

  7. Good onya! Do what is right and enjoyable for you! Thanks for the mini sale on your van build guide. Got mine😁
    You may have answered this elsewhere on other platforms (of which, I do not participate, tyvm 😁) what is the sell price for your van ? And mileage? I wish I could just call you and cut the check (or bring a bag of cash🙃😉) and come pick it up! That's the dream🚐🤗🤔 but still stx/brx here.
    I will keep watching your youtube vids, van life, no van life – you're just kind folks💜 peace and ease~

  8. I love your guys' van but more importantly, love your personalities, your style, the way you film and edit, etc! You guys do your own thing and stay true to yourselves and the real supporters will stay!

  9. I realize you might have your own way of planning things and this is just going to be unsolicited advice, but I noticed something in your planning process that might help you. I found that differentiating between projects and actionable items helped me a lot in getting my projects moving.

    Make sure that your action items are actually actionable and not just projects. For example, "sell the van" isn't really actionable – there are a lot of steps involved in selling a van, so that's actually a project. Actionable items related to selling the van might be look up KBB value, take pictures of van, write down mileage and condition, post that information to Craigslist. So something is actionable if you can execute it right away and it's clear what you need to do to complete the task. I hope that helps. 🙂

    Best of luck! I'll keep watching you guys whether you're living in a van or not!

  10. If you guys convert your new apartment like you did the van… now that would be some sweet content! Multi function furniture in a small apartment space with lots of creative solutions. FUN

  11. I relate to this so much! I also have a sorta specific question I’m wondering you have advice on now that I realize you live in Oregon!! So 2 years ago I moved into my Mazda5 and travelled the US and Canada and started making videos about it. But living in a Mazda5 was a short term decision so that came to an end after 6 magical months. I’m hooked on van life but was broke… I also fell in LOVE with making YouTube videos so I decided to chase down other adventures in Hawaii, which is where I’ve lived for the last year and a halfish. The channels definitely gone through ups and downs but I am still quite set on building out a proper van by next year, which is how I found your channel because you guys have one of my favorite builds. So um my relatability point is that I have gone through the crisis of “what is my channel” and balancing between making what my viewers want and what I want… and let me say I took quite a hit once I stopped making van content, but I’ve also had lots of success covering other things and it has been a cool adventure! Now of course my channel doesn’t support me and I haven’t found wide stream “success” by any means but it is beautiful to know you have full creative control and that the wonderful thing about YouTube is people do get attached to the personality and there is a lot of loyalty involved! So I’m sending you good vibes and I’m sure with the success you already have, you’ll be able to figure out other parts of yourself that people will love to know about! You mentioned a climbing gym? That sounds super interesting to me! But anyways relatable moment over… I do have a question that feels almost serendipitous that I clicked this video cuz I haven’t watched many of your guys vlogs before! There is a big chance my entire family is moving out to the Portland area and I agreed to move out with them! It may happen as early as this winter, but my plan would be to get an apartment for a year and then move into a van by the end of my lease. If I wanted to make roots in Portland but continue living in my van… do you think it’s a practical expectation to find a good parking spot to live (like renting a driveway from someone or an RV Park?) or would I be stealth camping side streets and doing walmart parking lots? And how is driving a huge van around the city? I’ve been thinking a lot about this as these family plans have unfolded over the last month and I’m just dying to feel more settled in my plans… any advice you have would be super helpful! And I analogize if you’ve already covered a lot of this in another video… feel free and link it to me and I’d be grateful to watch it. Anyways this comment got LONG I just feel like there’s a lot of overlap to cover 😅 the new place looks awesome though and I’m so happy for you guys! Congrats you got this 💪🏼

  12. I started watching you two because I was just dicovering van life, but I stayed because I like your personalities. You two seem really down to earth and goofy and just generally like people I'd love to have a conversation with. I was a bit upset when you anounced that you were going to sell the new van so soon after getting it, but ultimately it's your choice and I'd much rather watch you do something you enjoy and are happy about than have you stick to producing content your heart's not in. Please don't worry about adapting your channel.
    Also, as someone living in Europe, I'm excited about the prospect of you potentionally coming here! 😀

    Edit: Since it's Friday, have you moved into your apartment?

  13. Hey guys!! Wow it seems I'm truly the first to comment.
    I just want to say i really love you guys. You just have the coolest energy flowing out if you, yeah yeah i know i was so sceptical the last time.i commented about this transition (aspiring to get my vanlife going) but everytime i watch you guys i just enjoy so much ur filmmaking, editing, colours and personalities! Whatever comes, comes. Right?
    I'm definitely going to support you on your journey (even tho i am so heartbroken that you are living vanlife and your beautiful van!!!! Man i would totally buy it if i was in the US!!!!)

    All my love and support

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