1. Had the gunmetal and cerakote for a month or more. Hardest hitting single tube mechs I own and twice the metal of tubes not hitting as hard but costing a lot more – despite these companies having the revenue to knock out huge batches. I got my first one at 30% off for being an early adopter and the second one at 70% off because some geezer decided to cut his losses and switch back to cheap devices. The gunmetal, incidentally, is electroplated brass. Cracking review – Alex and Scotty will be at Expo and I'm tempted to pick up a third.

  2. Some may disagree or get a bit butthurt but I think mech use goes beyond simply knowing ohms law and basic battery safety. Unlike regulated devices, mechs need constant maintenance, especially if you're using it often and want optimal performance. If you can't take it apart, clean it and re-ensemble it, you shouldn't be using it. Just my opinion of course.

  3. had mine for a few days now and loving it. hits like a beast. absolutly love the 4lb spring. if you like the rogue mod with the red lee spring or tvl colt .45's. this is like a 21700 version of those mods.

  4. Sam… are you developing a constant contact switch for the Bonza tube?
    I think it would be a good improvement on the existing tube and would solve some of the β€˜grumbles’ that are about.

  5. Hi Sam, I have 2 Bonza rda's and the kit also. The rda's should have been the best of always. I put them on everything, and I have 21 mods.The Bonza tube is a little fucked because of the button but I can get by with it.Make a rta with the same profile as the Bonza rda?

  6. I can’t applaud you enough for staying completely independent STILL even with the massive jump in popularity over the past year. You can still say self made, self owned. πŸ‘

  7. Bouncing in your pocket, classic bogan cheekiness. Enjoyed the advocacy spiel your right, the fair dinkum fuckwits have done a great job spreading their lies.

  8. I've had my eye on these mods for a while, glad to see the reviewer I trust the most in terms of being no-bullshit and into the same style of vaping get ahold of one. Might just have to go through the hassle of getting one shipped to good 'ol Texas.

  9. Fairly fuck"n lame no wonder its got no bloody name so I converted me car-muffla into a mod, m8 shes a pearla butt" apart from the soot on me lips shes a booby dazzla of a throat hit m8" Onya ya flambin dickhead" cheers moot

  10. Hey, I'm a big mech guy. But I was curious what was your top hardest hitting mech in your opinion? Excluding the slam piece. (I doubt thatd be your choice but that's all I hear when I ask opinions πŸ˜‚)

  11. They don't listen, majority of them are stubborn as fuck. I read an article Grimm shared and the lady that wrote that article really nailed it. Non vapers that are miss informed and say it's worse than smoking are equivalent to anti-vaxxers. Anti-vaxxers are the most stubborn people ever.

  12. Yeesh, I don't know how I could live with a mod without a recessed button. I always have my vgod pro mech standing up, especially since my CSMNT is a bit of a leaky cunt. Looks sick with the Bonza, though. And I love the low profile drip tip.
    I've had my vgod x csmnt combo as my daily for over a year now and am hoping to graduate to something else soon. Bonza is definitely at the top of the list, but I have no idea what tube mods I should even be looking at. Everything is either overpriced or ugly as sin.

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