Throwback: Big Game Season 1 – Week 9, Episode 5

We’re taking a trip back in time to bring you our old archive of the Big Game! This week featuring Daniel Negreanu, Joe Hachem, William Reynolds, David Peat, …


  1. 9:28 Daniel, who is playing with Poker Stars' money and not his own, berates Robl for not straddling and putting his own bankroll at risk in a highly -EV situation in a game with other pro players. Don't you dare try to win money in my game!

  2. Robl's story… one should know that public school is designed to mold society to be ordinary. Its hilarious to think you have to waste 18 years of your life learning basically nothing before you actually have to go pay to learn something that will help you find a job. People like Thomas Edison dropped out of school because it got in their way to success. Actors, Musicians, Artists, poker players.. these arent guy that got lucky, or were born with something special and made it despite not going to school.. these are people who went out and pursued these careers and didnt let school get in their way. Show me a high school valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA and I'll show you a kid who knows basically nothing about the real world. I would never send my kid to public school. All you need to learn is history. Anything else he wants to purse, I will let him purse that from as young as he can. School just gets in the way. ITs not designed to educate.

  3. Man tony is really annoying, just shut you're mouth and play the game. Within 10 seconds tony is on his ass, he thinks it's some big tourney. Don't need to get you're panties in a knot over a cash game.

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