The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2017 (HD)

David Mitchell and Roisin Conaty * Big Narstie and Katherine Ryan * Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding If you can watch this via the broadcasters website …


  1. Finally, for once I know where David knows something from – 1:11:00 he repeats facts mentioned on the Ocean episode of QI, in which he was one of the guests. I feel that slowly my interest in British panel shows is reaching a degree of specialization high enough to be considered fixation…

  2. This show was barely holding on to the rails and I fucking love it. The cavalier guests that just take over and have hilarious conversations or constantly take the piss out of Jimmy are what make me jealous that British audiences get this pretty regularly

  3. Came here for richard and noel because god knows i did not come here for katherine and big narstie.. but that said, big narstie isnt that bad lol… but when you sit next to katherine its hard to be funny…

  4. The 6 perfect guests on the show would be:
    Richard and David,Noel and Russell, Jack Whitehall and James Corden. Three pairs of similar comedians. Either have them as these pairs or mix and match, either works!

  5. Whenever a guest has to read the question, it is always the weirdest piece of phrasing ever: it's like "So, obviously our band had a huge hit this year, but can your teams tell me what Johnny Depp's explanation for hitting his wife was ?"

  6. Late watching this one, as it is now 2019. However, as a Black American woman who watches a ton of British TV I've had enough of white british comedians using Serena Williams "The Best Tennis Player In The World" as a homophobic punchline. Jack Whitehall said she had penis on ALOTO and instead of Roisin Conaty standing with other women she made the same dam joke. Not even original. So I'll stand up for her and the LGBT comm. Enough is enough. I will definitely put Roisin and Jack on blast if they ever try to break America. Worst part is, I use to really like them.

  7. Can you do an edit with the chronic annoyance cut out? Someone did it with that one woman, seems like every odd BFQOTY has one of these self important idiots

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