The Best Cancer-Fighting Essential Oils – Dr. Eric Zielinski

In this clip, cancer researcher Ty Bollinger speaks with Dr. Eric Zielinski about essential oils and their potential to help prevent cancer and/or help the body heal …


  1. I cured my melanoma in 4 months by taking a level tablespoon of baking soda in green tea every day. Look up Otto Warburg on YouTube. He discovered this fact in 1931 and won the Nobel Prize for medicine. 4 Months. Frankincense and Snadalwood sounds good too. Take away fact: fire your oncologist, he is fatally dangerous.

  2. I love his energy and his enthusiasm about being the change in the world that we wish to see and the superhero thing I couldn't have said it any better but he's right and then he said the magic word synergistic when my daughter was a teenager and she's now 25 years old she came out of her room after taking a nap and asked me what Synergy meant and I asked her why she wanted to know because I knew this wasn't in her vocabulary but she was getting guidance from her higher self and she said because I dreamt of it I said well you need to look this word up because this is going to be very important for you on your journey in service and here it is and I've been directing her towards using essential oils for health body and home for a while now because she's been using the chemical versions and she's gifted just like her mother but we all have our own unique gift and how that is going to manifest in this world I really feel that this is her calling so she and I are meeting up tomorrow and I'm going to share this video with her so I want to thank you both for putting this out cuz these are tools that help people who are giving some guidance and direction to those who are going to be game-changers in this world and that's all of us but everybody has their own way of doing it

  3. Please. From someone that care for you
    If you are out there and you feel lost and desperate to find the truth:

    Please watch just as much critical material on these kinds of alternative to medicine as these positive. It´s so easy to get swept up, thinking that it sounds so good and natural and so badly want it to be true. I´m not saying it isn´t! But you just want it to be that wonderful solution and just get annoyed when someone is critical and I´m not claiming I got the one truth.
    Search and learn what cancer actually is. Just as much as you should not take a regular doctors advice without questioning it DO NOT take this doctors every word for truth. Even if he actually is completely honest in what he believe, it´s not automatically true! Statistics is so easily screwed (both for/against pharma and alternative) and just because science is publicized it do NOT mean it´s truth. There have to be peer-reviews and it has to be able to repeated to bring proof. There has been so many studies proving any of hundred of different things to cure cancer. Yet we still have it.
    Don´t let ANY people with a fancy title be the one true prophet.
    I was once so desperate myself and I picked the wrong treatment because I let someone throw names and facts without sources at me. And I have had to suffer for that mistake.

  4. For people who come and can't afford medical care, water fasting does the same thing as immunotherapy and it does it fairly quickly. 
    In 48 hours it lowers Heme Oxygenase, which is what tricks the immune system into protecting cancer.  In 7 days, it gives you a brand new immune system. 
    It lowers viral, fungal and bacterial load and heals the gut microbiome and all of those are involved in cancer.  It lowers IGF-1, which is what causes Cancer to grow. 
    It lowers Methionine levels and cancer is dependent upon Methionine.  It lowers glucose levels and cancer feeds on glucose. 
    It gets rid of bad mitochondria and cancer is a disease of bad mitochondria.  They have proven all of those in studies.  When they take the nucleus out of a Cancer cell and put it in a clean cell, it doesn't grow cancer.  It isn't a DNA driven problem.  When they take a nucleus from a clean cell and put it in a Cancer cell, it grows Cancer.  Water fasting causes the body to go into Autophagy and bad mitochondria start to get cannibalized. 
     There are other things like that it lowers VEGF and it allows your pancreatic enzymes Trypsin and Chymotrypsin time to digest the fibrin on the cancer cell wall.  That fibrin is also part of hiding the cancer from the immune system.
    I am trying to post this everywhere I can think of.  Pass it forward.  Immunotherapy used to cost $5000, but it is so effective that they raised the price.  One dose of the top of the line immunotherapy drug costs $500,000  That is exploiting the sick.  Water fasting is free.  Just make sure you take electrolytes and check your blood sugar and blood pressure.  Even 24 hours is helpful.  If you can't do it, there is also Mimicking fasting, which is basically adding in things like broth.

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  6. The idiocy and ignorance towards medicine here is astounding.

    Physicians devote their lives to understanding disease. Ask any oncologist how they feel about oils curing cancer.

    If you haven’t gone through medical school, keep your generalizations of doctors to yourself.

  7. Best to use 100% pure Frankincense oil. I put one drop on my thumb, then put it on the roof of my mouth, 3 drops under tongue, rubbed some all over my neck, I also have done 3 drops in a small bit of water and drank it. My CEA levels which is used as a biomarker for colon cancer had got extremely high on May 14ths blood work it had climb to 50 from 47 the month before which told me chemo wasn't working and between all the UTIs that hit including Sepsis. I'm very fortunate to still be here. So when I saw my levels go up, I started taking the Frankincense, it went down to 13 by June 19, then by July 11th I was at 9.3. Hoping to get it checked again this Sept 😊

  8. Frankincense brought my CEA levels from a rare spread of Colon cancer Mets to the Para-aorta from 50 down to 13 in just a little over a month from May 14 to June 19. Then on July 11th those levels were down even further…..9.3. 🙏💖😊

  9. Personally, I don't view sickness as a sin issue. From what I can in the Scripture, neither does Jesus. Otherwise, why would He say this in John 9:3?
    “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.”
    Because in this case only it was not a sin issue but not all cases of sickness fall into this category.
    Some are a sin issue
    “Later Jesus found him at the temple and said to him, ‘See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.'” John 5:14
    In John 8:11, Jesus commands an adulterous woman to “Go and sin no more.”
    As is many things in the bible It depends on the individual situation.

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