1. I must say out of all of the Tutorials I watch on YouTube you're one of my favorites. Because you're honest to the point and not too opinionated. I agree with you to say I'm not too keen on using liquid nutrients to grow. Although once I get more experience I will do the nectar of the God's for at-least one grow

  2. keep doing what you're doing brother I've learned a lot from your videos. I have one question I have two plants that are about 13 inches tall right now they are in 1 gallon plastic pots. I just learned about smart pots and I am purchasing 3-gallon smart pots. my question is I won't be getting them for a week will they be okay until then?

  3. I've been following your channel for several months now. I have to say I enjoy virtually every video you post. Keep up the awesome work and stay lifted….. Oh and Eugene Oregon here smoking on some zkittlez flower and blue cookies shatter

  4. If shipping is included the price is good. I like single seeds myself to try them out first before investing in a larger amount of seeds so most of my money goes across the pond.

  5. I'm not a new grower or newbee. Just getting back into it after taking a two year break and moving from alaska back to jersey. I'm always watch video and stuff to keep my knowledge growing too.

  6. Hey JJ, couldnt help notice u suffer in the description. Plz try this one thing and i believe it will help you a ton!!! Im a firm believer in chinese meridian sleep cycles (when certain organs detox and are awake).. I suggest u look it up. Anyways im also a huge health nut and love to help ppl when i can. I believe if u change your sleep cycle just from around 9-10pm until 6-7am youll be able detox and reheal the damaged tissue and kill off the stressors(bacteria/viruses/parasites) that cause the disease over time. (doctors wont tell u that.. but thats what causes diseases.. imbalances in the body from other infectious organisms/toxins) I hope to hear back from you! You might actually be suprised how fuckn simple. these "cures" doctors want us to think are impossible, really are. Hope the best – Marcus

  7. 230 bucks for an espresso machine with 40% discount??? Fuuuuck here in italy you can get top quality ones for around 100 euros, 120 at most! Btw 25 bucks for 3 fem seeds is less than many seedbanks sell them for!

  8. It's not hot over there JJ, I'm from Phoenix Arizona and we have been dealing with excessive heat warnings with temps over 114, 115 degrees…. Anyways cool hat JJ that's more you then the other ones you wear!!! Stay lifted my brother!

  9. That's awesome that you got some Remo nutrients to try. I hope you like it. I've taken to using it on my vegetable garden too, and they love it.
    One question – have you ever had a plant 'stuck' in flowering ? All my plants made it to harvest, except one. The harvested ones were nice and thick, but the remaining one is skinny. It is getting hair with no thickness. Weird looking, and should have been finished two weeks ago.
    Happy Pride !
    Love the sesh videos, and enjoy your videos with Positive Smash. Keep up the great work

  10. Nice flowers there in the background, nice buds you rolled up there too, good choice hemp wraps over tobacco leaves any day too bad tobacco is shit for you cause some kinds are pretty smooth and taste quite nice, but regardless of that fact I quit smoking tobacco, cheers and stay lifted JJ

  11. i think the price for seeds are really expensive thats my thought. considering how much seeds you can get out of a plant it feels like people are trying to get rich of them. i get it its a buisness and 7 bucks a seed ant bad at all. but maybe i first time buyer maybe gets something free if they spend more than 50. good luck jj get your hustle on.why dont you try 5 for 35 at 8 bucks a piece you only take a 5 dollar hit and it seems like a better deal and 10 for 65 or 70$ if you give discounts for the more someone buys it makes people feel like there saving when they spend more. # keep growing

  12. I do not have time, energy, nor money for "mystery" seeds. Shrug. I do not care what name you make up for it.

    There actually is a difference between the advice of a seasoned grower and the opinion of a newbie. Not sure why that is not obvious to you.🤔

  13. remo nutrients is like advance nutrients remo nutrients = a china recipe !!!!!! made in garage!!!! and the best part is that is overpriced the bad part is you must dont have any idea how nutrients are made and how really cost if you buy them especially if you trust remo's recherche and development who start in garage and end there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. $25 for 3 is very reasonable based upon the current market but ultimately depends upon genetics. PeakSeedBC has some full melt classics at $30CAD ($22.63USD) for a 10–pack & I always hear good about them. Even fairer for the 7 though! I'm quite exciting to see what breeding will look like outside of prohibition when it would be affordable for most to buy 100packs of their favourite cultivars/varietals. Just a Canadian Texan dream :). Love the vids-definitely got yourself a regular viewer. Peace!

  15. Speaking of PRIDE, in northern California in Mid-July there is a retreat at the Bohemian Grove. They sacrifice a body in front of Zionists, Freemasons, and Skull N Bones 322 members. US president Richard Nixon talked about the Homosexual activities that go on there. This is all proven. Bush and Ronald Reagan are members of the Bohemian Club which the other location is in San Francisco, California. Smoking hybrid. Stay educated my friends.

  16. Been wanting to get the GDP fem seeds and at Attitude 5 fem seeds 127 bucks, or the reg seeds for like 14 bucks each so a bit pricey. My friend ordered the DJ Short BB reg seeds Short doesn't mess with fem seeds and I think he paid 150 or 160 for ten seeds. So you may be right on price. Good video as usual the hat and tee shirt rock! If it's green I will smoke it.

  17. Pride should not be glorified! Lgbt are obstructionist against the American agenda. It's against American🇺🇸 Christian values! I do not discriminate in any way but when I voice my opinion to the Lgbt "so-called tolerant left" they get triggered start huffing, puffing and snap and assume the worst of me. much love from So-Cal! ✌JJ

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