Summit T1 Extraction System Process Walk Through – Closed Loop Extraction Equipment

Overview of the process flow in a professional closed loop hydrocarbon extraction system. This equipment used butane/propane as a solvent to safely, and …


  1. i mean. i understood the general workings of the system. but it would be much more informative to see it actually being used. for example, you lost me after the point you mentioned molecular sieve, the pump, condensing coil. how do you cool the coil with your ice???

    it was informative but id be throwing cash at my screen if i seen an actual demonstration with some dried lavender or something

    also. how do i refine my butane with that system? where do i buy the giant tanks of gas of butane instead of individual cans of newport?

    some more info goes a long way

  2. Nice system, nice video thanks. Just a heads up on the molecular seive it should run through as a liquid and not a vapor. There desighed to take moisture from liquid state. Peace

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