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Join Caroline Pemberton from World Nomads as she travels to the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi, in search of the soul-stirring spirituality and culture that’s …


  1. Showing poverty, dirt, pollution of India suits the world's media. India still outclasses most of western nations by its rich culture, ethos and people. Things here move with human pace and not the machinery like in the West. India is the reservoir of all the world's religion yet there are no clashes of civilization. Perhaps most of Indians live a peaceful life. Beyond materialism.
    India is unique and one of its kind. From icy himalaya to barren deserts and razing heat and wetlands, sandy beaches all at once. India is India.

  2. Great job by the lady on the video (how spontaneous her reactions were) alongside the cameraman and people who had done the final editing of the whole video. In my opinion, the anthropomorphic aspect of Indian culture has been impeccably reflected through this video where the non-living objects are considered as living ones and where your life is replete with paradoxes, this is India more than anything else.
    She (India) is a living entity which pulses with ebullience of so many people of different religions and places, for the moment the lady at ghat has draped the saree over a foreigner's head (foreigner obviously in a political sense for the boundaries are mere shadowlines), she has become one of them and India has again indianized someone coming from a different place. Just loved it.

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