SmartCart Purple Punch Review

Today I’m trying out a new cartridge for yall folks. Let me know in the comments⬇ ⬇ ⬇ if you’ve heard of this before.


  1. Are there any legit smart carts? I doubt it. I just realized they sell empties carts on alibaba and immediately knew. A girl I knew gets them also and complained that even though they were thin, it burnt up quickly. Also every instagram page with this product in the title is a tiny ass page.

  2. Your cart was cut with a solvent either PG or VG. Smart carts have C02 extractions not PG or VG. Nothing is wrong with PG VG. It just thins the liquid and I've heard it can reduce the high depending on the ratio. Idk how true that part is. Whoever made that cart, probably used a little PG to give it a tastier flavor hit or they did it to stretch the original distillate that was in that cartridge to make more or use for themselves. Legit C02 carts bubbles dont move and if it happens to move, it moves slower than a turtle.

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