Realizing that I should probably stop smoking weed

Well God has so kindly laid on my heart that I have an issue, & it must be resolved so that I can bring true peace back into my life.


  1. I feel like the only way weed fucks with me is motivation to go to school and my ability to get shit done without procrastinating and social interaction is a big one. If you don’t stop smoking just at least smoke at night when all your business is taking care of.

  2. Impulsive thoughts lead to impulsive behaviors & expediency is never the answer. The more you numb yourself the more the problems gain strength. Let go of your unhealthy addictions and channel it towards something that benefits you and your surroundings. If I can do it, there’s NOT A DOUBT in existence that you cannot. Let your pain be your fuel to find your equilibrium and there you will see your purpose clearly 🖤

  3. I do the same thing, i only buy pre rolls now and just 1-3 at a time. It hasnt really helped now i just spend more money and look like an idiot goin to the same dispensary 4, 5, 6 times a week. How you doin now? Im trying again i was suppose to stop today but i smoked at lunch, wish me luck

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