1. I always enjoy these videos. That stated, somehow, at some chat-fueled moment of ecstasy during this one, I finally figured out what would perfect it: In between moments of live reactions to the food, intercut similar moments shared between Shaggy and Scooby. I’m pretty sure that the folks at Hanna-Barbera would see how this would benefit the planet, so it shouldn’t cost you anything.

  2. Mark, Love your videos. I think you will get more subscribers if you can get Ying to talk about the food as well. Joel does not contribute except eat the good food.

  3. Besides the unique food and the true side he shows of each country, Mark is such a down to earth, humble, cheerful youtuber. He blends in so nicely where ever he goes 👍

  4. I work in Dubai and have lot of amazing Pakistani friends…
    I just haven’t still understood where do the they get the American accent from😂
    My friends cannot answer it….can anyone?

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