1. Me being the person I am not knowing anything about cooking or the nutrients in certain things I would probably be like "So what the garlic does is….. Make it taste better"

  2. wow, a soup which is as yummy as the one who is cooking it. you are in a fantastic shape there and so I believe this soup must have special powers…! I rinse that 5 times too. I never tried making this recipe in particular but I think I will try that for christmas. you make these videos where I have to ask myself, damn, will she start singing now or cooking, as both would look good on you equally. But I don't wanna deliver you too much honey here because it is still about seaweed. And seaweed is a bit like me, not so fancy, but tastes still good. have a nice day.

  3. Hi Dzung! I just found your channel and fell in love with your recipes and personality! I cannot wait to continue watching your videos! I did have a question on this recipe. Since it seemed like you made quite a bit of soup, how long can you conserve it? Do you just keep it in the fridge? or do you eat all of it that same day? Thank you!!

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