1. Do you still see nice swing trade opportunities in pot stocks in 2019 or do you think we are heading into a new phase of slow and steady growth as investors focus less on hype and speculation and more on fundementals and execution?

  2. We need to keep our eye on a couple of key-aspects for 2019 when investing in a large scale cannabis producer
    – Greenhouse grow
    – Competitive price per gram
    – On track and in the final stage of their expansion plan
    – Forward-looking vision and best if the company already has an international foothold
    – Stable financials and low debt in comparison to competing companies.

    I'm trading in a lot of cannabis companies but I only invest in a few. In my opinion, Aphria exceeds all the other large-scale producers in these aspects. Believe me if what all these producers are claiming about their supply in 2019 is true, it will exceed the demand of the recreational market. This will mean price per gram decrease (also to compete with the well organized black market) and a lot of pressure for the companies that don't do well in the above-mentioned criteria.

    Still a giant bull but trying to stay rational now after legalization.

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