Lost & Found | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 13

The Mighty Nein deal with the fallout from the night’s events, working to repair the fraying edges of the Knights of Requital and learning how to trust their own …


  1. Need i remind everyone that Caleb and nott have had their own motives since day 1? lol they joined this group so that they would not be noticed and use them as a ploy to be sneaky. It's not unjustified that the rest of them are distrusting. Caleb has made himself the defacto loot leader deciding who gets what and when and if it's "too dangerous" and keeps it for himself… that's suspicious… Nott had her little confession under molly's spell and was very cryptic and tried to steal fjords academy letter… lets not act like these two have not been on a separate mission for themselves while the rest of them have been playing "group" the rest of the time.

    With that being said i think molly and beau where straight up A-holes this episode FOR SURE. Molly has some secrets and something fishy going on as well, but he plays with the group with the other two are just hanging around for hell knows what. My question is… why is caleb special and what does he have that will benefit Nott… and why is it so secretive. If they had something they needed to get done at the very least fjord and jester have stated multiple times their support to them.

    We also have to remember this group is NOT vox machina…. they are not a family… they are not bonded. These are all VALID concerns for a group of strangers to deal with at this point in time. What they have know each other for … a month? maybe? little back stories have been shared, fjord is cursed with something, beau is probably running from the law and responsibilities, jester … i don't even know what to make of her back story and molly is just a bundle of WTF. The difference is the rest of the group has been working together despite their motives and Nott and Caleb have been sneaking around and being shifty openly with no other communication to back it up with reason. So yes, a group of strangers not trusting each other is exactly the issue here especially when they got into a political debockle just WEEKS of knowing each other.

  2. The nein just done the fantasy equivalent of catching a surviving perpetrator of 9/11 then opting to debate about whether they should give them the closed inopenable brief case that has wires on it back to the terrorist, And then on top of that laura decides to attempt to make friends with the terrorist who also almost killed her friend 20 seconds previously. This was hard to be immersed in not gonna lie.

  3. Molly, Fjord, and Bo are 110% ass hats. I hate them in this episode. Every single thing they say contradicts what they said previously. Gods theirs 100 things Molly, bo, and fjord did in the last two episodes that are just plan awful.

  4. The moment they looted the armored guy in the sewer and the platinum was mentioned I immediately thought of the platinum that was left behind in the safe at the first break-in.

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