Let's Play – It's Quiz Time – All American Math (#2)

Everything’s American. What even is math? Join Achievement Hunter plus Gus Sorola for Quiz Time! » Join FIRST to watch episodes early: …


  1. I wish there was a shenanigans where all of them were playing this game, and they all get called outside before they can load it up, and someone would put all their names in. Everyone would have their real name, but when it would tell you how to pronounce it, it would be someone else’s. Like if it was talking about Jack it would say Gavin, or if it mentions Ryan it would say Jeremy. It would confuse the shit out of them.

  2. 3:27 Believe it or not, Sweet Home is in fact the name of an actual horror game that came out back in the 80's for the NES/Famicom. However, the game was released only in Japan, so even if that was the answer to the question, I doubt they would've gotten it correct.

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