Leon Vynehall – Nothing Is Still (Full Album 2018)

Artist: Leon Vynehall Album: Nothing Is Still Release Year: 2018 Country: UK Genre/Style: Ambient House, Nu Jazz, Experimental, Instrumental …


  1. m8 usualy when i see some electronic album beign promoted with the words "tells a story" i jus roll my eyes n think "oh boi, cant wait to skip the ambient internudes" coz im a total cnut, but this one…this right her actualy dose tell a story and does it exceedingly well. shit has arcs. coulda so easyily been sappy n overwrought n indulgent but it escapes all the pitfalls n ends up being genuinely affectin on an emotional level whilst being techniclay impressive as well

    almosot brought a tear to my stupid face

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