Joey Diaz on Trying Heroin and Addiction

Joey Diaz talks about his experience with drugs and how he dealt with addiction problem. Hello and Welcome to Joey Diaz Fan Page, a channel where you can …


  1. Joe I pray to God you see this I will be coming to La soon to work a convention with my squad I plan on seeing you doing some stand-up hopefully but I have a story to tell and it involves intravenous drug use going to prison seeing people get murdered I'm a 30 year old young man who has had a harsh life but is doing what I love now because I fought my way to the top and I work my ass off now I work conventions for a living like comic con and the like. getting to me you would be like a dream come true you were like my great white buffalo and I would love to tell my story I have already told it on my radio station in the small town of Tulsa I live in they found it quite interesting. It's a thing called our listeners are awesome on 97.5 KMOD. anyways I'm sure you'll never see this but you have to try I love you brother keep it up you are my idol

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