1. In the tree and shrub apps…it doesn’t make a bit of sense to measure by 1000 sq ft. Same as the labels…..need a guidance on per square inch or something that actually relates to trees not lawn. I did a flora green and micro last year on my Rees as a foliar app and it put A white haze all over my leaves and then they looked burnt. Followed that per “1000” and obviously it was a disaster

  2. Would like some info on smaller mix rates for potted plants and such. What do you recommend for mixing up a couple gallons of water to give these plants the nutrients they need? I am currently mixing 1/2 tspn per gallon of the 0-0-7 and mirco for them.

  3. You always have the most motivational soundtrack when it comes to yard work. Looks like you took a play out of Knorr's playbook 😀 If you guys did a collab, the lawn care community would self-detonate from awesomeness.

  4. I find it easier spraying these products out of a battery backpack sprayer instead of dragging a hose over the whole yard. Still liking the videos though good info

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