How to Make $3090 a Month With a Shipping Container House (Airbnb)

Why did I wear a green shirt in front of a big green wall? Because I am a professional! Anyway, if you ever wanted to see a storage container turned in to a little …


  1. What you probably smelled is the outgassing of the pesticides that are soaked into the floors of containers. The floors are treated with pesticides to make sure the transported goods are not damaged by insects. These containers are not made for transporting food so they do not need to be safe for living beings. Once you convert it to a home, you have a dilemma! Many people that convert containers leave these 'authentic' floors and try to seal them, which is never 100% successful. Also the leaded paints on the inside walls can contribute to that smell. Those walls however can be sealed pretty good with some modern paints that do not have any toxic gasses to begin with. I am in the process of building a house from containers and the first thing that has been done is to take out the floors. You really not want to accumulate those toxins over long periods of time. Especially in areas that are used for bedrooms or areas where you stay for long periods of time without continuous open to the air ventilation. Speaking of ventilation, when a container is converted and there is no forced ventilation added you will 100% sure have a mold problem.

  2. Any great DIY resources that people have found to learn things about container houses (how to build them ourselves vs. having a company do it), what to look for (like the lead paint flooring), what to check for with the city permits etc…Please post whatever you think is great to share. Thank you!

  3. WHY would they use that weird "LOOK AT ME!" color of bright green instead of a green more like the color of the storage containers? That's very strange.

    It would cost TENS of thousands of dollars to make a place like that. Possibly MUCH more.

  4. Those containers look like containers to keep johnny law away..
    These are where Illegal imagrints live till they become legal

  5. Does the container have permanent electric and water, or can it be disconnected with an RV? It would be cool to be able to close it up to look like a normal container, and travel by cargo ship….

  6. They should run that dehumidifier more frequently when it isn't occupied. This looks like a fun idea. Could be a safe place during an earthquake due to the metal shipping container shell.

  7. Ask the owner to put a roof over the containers to avoid direct sun light that could help with the metal not getting so hot also if it helps after any given trip when you get home open all doors and Windows and ventilate your home and then start the air conditioners to cool it down.

  8. Interesting concept and finished design, notably the rubber roof (a chief concern of mine is how that roof sheds water). I enjoyed your presentation as well, nice cinematography (editing) and yes the green shirt looks good in front of the green walls (different shades of green) and "compost your enemy's" is truly appropriate and funny.

  9. I think I heard you say that was in New Mexico… If so that's definitely why they left the outside looking like they do. That's what I do make everything look like s*** from the outside and interior out the inside because he's maggots around here still anything that's not welded down.. I spent a half a day busting a hole in my floor in the back room I was remodeling putting metal in a chain and then feeling it back with concrete to lock my bike down when I'm gone and then I realized when I was done all these people around here we'll just bring a f**** grinder and cut the chain anyway… So needless to say I bought too aggressive pit bulls from the pound the ones that bite people

  10. You DO NOT have to remove the floor. The are products that will air seal that container so tight you have to have forced air ventilation.I myself used a product called sunshield available at home depot on both the inside and exterior to completely encapsulate the container . The product is a Thermal/air/radiant/water barrier. This particular product only comes in white and if you choose to paint over it on the exterior you loose the radiant barrier quality it was designed for.

  11. This is just a review of someplace this chick rented. She likes it and she likes the way the owners camouflaged it to blend in with the industrial neighborhood its in.

  12. So the first 5:00 is about the outside land landscaping the inside tour starts at.. actually it doesn't. aww just finished watching, wanted to see inside.

  13. So I'm guessing you paid around $100 a night? That seems excessively high for a container in a rather ugly area in Mexico? I run an airbnb and it's really nice and I typically average $80 a night and even then I don't max out leasing 30 nights every month. I avg around $1700 a month. Still I'm totally for creative airbnb ideas. $3090 a month for this is unrealistic though.

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