1. HAHA bro you literally just said what I have been trying to get myself to do. I just am a lot more productive even if i just try and wait to smoke before bed and I have been doing that the last month so hopefully I will get there too! baby steps lol. I'm in Real Estate!

  2. Only thing I would add is in my personal experience it just makes me more relaxed when I make my choices of items to dropship . I don’t get so excited about the item and prevents me from impulse buying or choosing.

  3. haha bro i can so relate i think if you smoke the odd time say keep it to the weeknds and work while high i sometimes contemplate things i do and change gameplans so ye moderation is key lol

  4. Soo true bro, also if your partner is a constant toker, the best advice I can give is leave them fam. You'll frequently relapse if you don't. Either think about a better future or stay put in your little comfort zone for the rest of your life. Yous decide! Don't get me wrong, when I retire I'm having girls in bikins rolling for me 😉

  5. Excellent topic… You're right Jordan, no one really talks about this yet smoking weed is a daily habit for millions of people. Some would say that smoking helps with creativity, but executing on that creativity is another issue. I've had breakthrough million dollar ideas while high, but I can assure you that not one of the ideas came to fruition. Lol! As always, great content!

  6. Yeah man when i smoke i just wanna chill watch youtube videos and eat and pretty much nothing productive hahaha. But yeah doing it at night and doing all that stuff is fine but doing it during the day time I just feel like i wasted the day.

  7. Man, I resonate with this so much, I stopped day smoking years ago, but I definitely have weeks sometimes months where I slip into the before bed smoking habit. Yet, when I have stopped I usually feel so much more ready to get out of bed and attack the day in the morning. The thing is, I like the concept of weed like I dig the culture, the plant and I had the same kind of college stoner life where I kind of identified with someone who can get shit done and smoke. Unfortunately, that doesn't always fit with reality, it just makes work harder.

  8. Smoking daily has affect my overall performance during the day even though I only smoke at night. I’ve been smoking daily for 6 months now and just last week I took a 7 day break. I did feel a bit more active and energized during that time. I think smoking daily has held me back from reaching my full potential, therefore I’m going to try to only do it occasionally.

  9. Well guys the truth be known I'm Jordan's Mom 49 and have smoked weed since the age of 15. I'm a late 60's girl. I've worked over 30 yrs in medical and I now own my own business. Weed is apart of me and I've watched so many changes with it as in being legal and being used medically ❤ Jordan has a 30 yr old sister who smoked for a few yrs as well and I was a single mom and choose not to hide it from my kids. Is this the cycle of life and how your raised? Yes and no its actually about choice. I told both of them when your 18 you can do as you may. I'm reading all of your comments and admire ALL of you but I most of all ADMIRE my Jordan for being open and honest ❤ I teach my kids real life,never sugar coat and always be real… Jordan is my Super star and he continues to help even Mom make better decisions. With weed for me, well I'm very hyper lol so it just makes me happier then I already am and man I smoke a lil an my house is spotless in about an hour and I've jammed and danced the entire time as well..FYI never smoked during my 8hr full time jobs. NEVER drug tested in my 30 yrs in medical as well. And YES alot of medical peps smoke weed even doctor's. It motivates me and can relax me as well. I may just have to take Jordan's challange and see what a LONG time smoker feels like after a week. #EcomMoM

  10. thanks for the video 🙂 I am trying to quit right now and thats a struggle but anyway; AS you said, in my life the period whithout weed were the periods were i grew up the most. why ? because you are in front of the true reality

  11. I do it a few times a year and when I do smoke i start reflecting on everything I need to improve on and motivated me again lol…by the way I'm cleaning the shit out of my house while I'm thinking these things

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