1. I have an Optic 2 with 205 watts and a 300 watt led. 330 actual watts in a 2×2' tent. You have your lights so much higher than mine which is at 16". I am seeing some foxtailing but no leaf burn. Am I too close?

  2. Nice Buds man!
    Just a question regarding the optic 4 leds, how much yield do you get with them in average and how much square foot do you use per optic 4 lamp? Could you use them alone in a 4 by 4 foot tent and get decent yield?
    Is the optic 4 recommendable or are there other better lamps out there?
    Thanks man!

  3. First of all bro I got to say then plants looked amazing I couldn't believe the triclones excellent excellent job bro on your next grow you asked Autoflower I want to check those out I've been following you and I'm going to keep following you but back to what we're going to try LOL you know me bro I just want to try it it look so damn good let us know the combined yields you get out of that and another video bro stay stoned stay hi this is 1313 peace out, ✌️💚

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