FDA Update: What's Next for CBD? (And Cannabis + Hemp)

Learn more: References Scientific Data and Information About Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds; Public …


  1. at least keep cannabis out of sched 2… FDA would be the main decider @ sched 2 and there would be a ten year waiting period before their first approved test could occur…

  2. Thank you for all the great information about CBD. A health activist organization I receive emails from is very concerned that the FDA will try to ban CBD. Since they allow the drug companies to frequently control the market and there is a synthetic version of CBD(costing some $32,000), the FDA may remove all the natural CBD products off the market if the drug producer requires it. I personally feel that in the very near future the FDA will be dissolved. They are constantly working against holistic, natural products trying to ban them at every turn. You are taking a more positive approach to the FDA and hopefully you are right. If the FDA tries anything overly restrictive regarding CBD it will totally be their undoing. We are not going back to the 1930s. We are in the process of re-establishing our Republic and the old guard are systematically being eliminated. The FDA's days are numbered.

  3. The FDA have known about this for how many decades now, I find it crazy that the big pharma have been allowed to abuse the world with TOXIC pills and cause mass devastation globally. Free the one true healing plant 🌿🌎

  4. Getting a quality product is a concern. It will cost companies money for QC testing for pesticides, actual CBD content, THC content in full spectrum so that cost will be put on consumers. Within reason, if it means we’ll be getting good stuff, I’m fine with it.

    I did some more research into Etain (the mm I use). It’s a female owned NY mm company). Their base prices aren’t bad. What’s bad is that the total price is ridiculous because NYS gets 55% off the sales from dispensaries!! NY doesn’t have a big variety to choose from so it’s still out of reach financially for a lot of patients. For those who don’t need THC, a good quality CBD would be an alternative.

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