ELIQUID REVIEW | Hemp Bombs Premium E-Liquid

Looking for a CBD eliquid? You need to check out Hemp Bombs! This is an actual eliquid containing CBD but does NOT contain any THC or Nicotine.


  1. Are you a cigarette smoker or former cigarette smoker? I am not and still unable to inhale without coughing. Trying a max VG since it is not supposed to have a throat hit like PG.

  2. Do you worry about the PG in it I heard that its dangerous and if overheated and inhaled can tuen it into antifreeze and cause lung issues..like amonia.

  3. The 1000mg Pineapple and 1000mg Blueberry Jam are my 2 faves. The 1000mg is great for anxiety and mild pain, however the 2000mg is on point for anyone with chronic pain and depression to vape regularly. Want full flavor potential? I recommend the HORIZONTECH FALCON tank with the Cotton/Wood Pulp mesh coils…total flavor chaser tank. Great Review.

  4. Have you noticed this helping with pain? On a scale of 1-10, rate the relaxation you get from this. Also, if I mix this in my tank 1/2 Cbdand 1/2 Nicotine juice , (because I need the nicotine) would I still notice the calming?

  5. Cool video. I use hemp bombs. I tried the sugar cookie, watermelon, and chocolate donut. The chocolate donut is hands down the best. I just got their fruity pebble but the vape pen I am using is terrible even with new coil so I can't say if I like it or not! I will be sure to check out your channel, peace!

  6. Hey lady! Good to see you! Nice review as always. I have and like the SCK! What do you think about doing ejuice in the refrigerator??? Thank you! 😎😍😘

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