1. Use this one at home folks. People are gonna think your blastin rocks with this device an your torch. May draw too much attention….lol. It does work great though. I use mine for camping mostly.

  2. yo good review, I was thinking when you said you didnt have the dugout.. if you dont have one and you got a grinder like yours you could probably use the magnet on the inside of the grinder to take off the cap and help cool it down. just a thought maybe there aint enough space in the gaps I dont know. anyways thanks for the video.

  3. Yo bro, Whats your 1st and 2nd pick for dry herb vaporizers? I saw several of your reviews and I like the Divinchi IQ and the Hydrology 9. But Which one out of all of them do you think is the best and why? convection or conduction Doesn't matter, just want your overall opinion.

  4. Bro I just subbed from all the airistech vids and reviews… I highly suggest doing weekly vids and if u can review the yocan product? Yotan whatever there name is. They make the evolve vaporizer u just look that up you'll see… Would bring many ppl here from places

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