Durban poison auto fully finished at 82 days

Dutch passion durban poison auto growin in bubbleponics dwc. Advanced nutrients expert line up sensi A+B bloom & A+B grow. Thanks for watching! Narcotic …


  1. I’d like to reply to all of you but there has been a influx of comments and new subscribers. Many of you that have just subbed up are two months behind my grow schedule. I will be moving from strain to strain and as I do the plants that I have grown in the past will go on the back burner and the current strains Im growing will be the main focus. Thank you for watching and appreciate the comments and likes. Lsd-25 auto is the current plants that has been harvested and next in my line up is Purple Skunk Mass Auto CMC followed by Moby Dic XXL Auto followed by Gorilla glue Auto/Stardawg Auto.

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