Dad Got ELECTROCUTED… | Planter Preparation 2019

I apologize for the blown (fuzzy) audio at the very beginning and the very end. When I was fixing it my computer froze and the file I was able to edit was gone.


  1. What I really don’t understand is the economics of your farm. You need to explain how you can afford to not make money for 5 years! Why bother if the prices don’t allow you to make a profit? I am really confused on this. Btw, you are seriously my favorite channel!

  2. Dude, this is WAY more work than I imagined, just for one piece of equipment! You're all such hard workers!! I'm just a truck drivin' city slicker, so I'll stick with Farming Simulator where you just hit a couple buttons and you're hooked up, full of seed and ready to go! LOL Thanks for the amazing in-depth look into the workings of a planter, can't wait to see you hooked up and operating that beastie!! Have a great week, Cole!

  3. Your dad is awesome. Too bad y'all got rid of that planter that him and your granddad built, i love modified and shop-built equipment especially planters, i like too see other peoples ideas for building such.

  4. I have a rubber line that drops off that filter housing with a plug in the end that keeps all the oil off the frame when you drain it. All our Deere’s with that housing have it and I love it.

  5. I operate grader for a county here in Alberta Canada , rate payers would freak if our roads were like that , all our roads are on a gravel program . Every summer so many roads in each area get gravelled ! I look after close to 250kms in my area ! Frost coming out sure softens things up !

  6. I love the family aspect you guys bring to this channel. As well as the reality of youth growing up and juggling school and home responsibilities. It’s all awesome.

  7. I do have a question I noticed that y'all have the windmills on your property are they yours to provide the farm with its own electricity or do you lease the land to the power company

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