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Father Michael Nixon discusses church teaching regarding Marijuana. Can Catholics smoke pot? What is the difference between medicinal and recreational …


  1. God himself said “ i give man every seed baring plant to use” i mean the big man said it in the bible. So my interpretation of that is cannabis is a seed baring plant god gave us to use. Many catholics seem to think alcohol is ok but i dont see that growing freely on trees with being processed by man.

  2. God doesn't make mistakes when he makes plants. If cannabis wasn't supposed to be here he would not create it. He has given us a great gift. Be warned though, do not let it become your whole life, your false idol. The book is pretty clear on that.

  3. From my own personal experience, after smoking marijuana, over time (the course of me using it again and again over two to three months)
    I felt something changing me, something diabolical.
    Later on, weeks later I got a panic attack and stopped smoking marijuana.
    I highly recommend people stay away from marijuana. It's not harmless. You're opening doors. Stay away from it.

    BTW, lots of people have had panic attacks from smoking marijuana. It's very common, but people never mention the side-effects of marijuana.
    They never mention what it does to a person's brain, how they begin to digress and turn away from good and turn towards evil.
    I've never seen any positive effects of marijuana.
    The whole reason people smoke marijuana is to take their mind off their troubles, the same with alcohol.
    People try to convince themselves they're doing this for this reason or that, but the truth is they run to alcohol as an escape, it's cowardice.
    We have a society of cowards running to whatever they can get their hands on to help soften their problems in life.

    We should have never allowed them in, they were trouble the moment I set eyes on them.
    We dropped our guard and allowed the enemy in through the trojan horse.
    We have destroyed ourselves and the ones we profess to love.

    May God have mercy on us for the misfortunes we create.

  4. Thanks father! This is a great topic and question. I personally have understood this all my life and have always had an aversion to drugs, but many people have a weakness for drugs. I do not boast, but I'm grateful to God for protecting me. In my experience of seeing others smoke weed, they don't respect authority. Finally, we know weed is bad when a high parent can't have a logical conversation with their child. Children hate it when parents are high. A joint is not a cigarette.

  5. Very good father, thank you. Many people have argued with me on this topic and one of my arguments against it is that they want to smoke it to purposely get high. I can have a few beers without purposefully getting drunk and without even wanting to get drunk, the very desire to get drunk is sinful though, when not rejected. How can smoking pot with the desire and effect of getting high, not be sinful, except in extreme scenarios of medical benefit like cancer? I don't understand why any Christian wants to get high…

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