As Legal Marijuana Sales Begin, Complaints Over High Taxes Grow Louder

One of the big selling points for legalizing marijuana was all the money it would bring in. But has the state overdone it with taxes? Melissa Caen reports. (1-1-18)


  1. I wish everyone juts got med cards we didn’t try hard enough to get the word out I guess on how bad it would change the prices and the ability to hook us up see the new recs don’t know how bad they are being screwed because they don’t know how good it was before we got screwed I left the streets and went to the clubs now I’m on the edge of just growing myself again which takes time and a lot of your free time gotta always watch the plants you can’t forget anything

  2. Anyone who’s thinking about buying an 8 percent tax card that’s rec juts got buy a 40 dollar med card on get nugg .com and get 20 percent off at Jayden’s journeys with a coupon every time or 10 percent without but a lot of clubs are trying to take care of us med patients who where here first and are using this cause we are suffering if you seen me you say oh yeah poor bastard lol I’m not that bad but I feel like crap all the Time nausea you name it and meds is what helps sooo much I hate throwing up

  3. And I voted no on 64 because the community warned us med patients what would happen and everyone who didn’t actually need it or want to get a card which anyone can now for 40 bucks In ten minutes you could be walking into a club and that’s was with no face to face appointment they talk to you over the phone see your age your issues and always get your card and if they are legit I did get screwed nice spent weeks trying to get my med card blew 250 dollars on it and then got a 3 month temporary and they got raided for doing it illegally not having permits or the correct procedure but they next I got one it was over the phone took ten minutes at get nugg .com

  4. I go to Jayden’s journeys in Modesto and I paid 240 one week for meds the week after rec same thing was ran me 329 and that’s not counting all the hook ups they did for us med patients they really where able to help me when I couldn’t get rid of my anxiety I started taking that’s Jayden’s juice and it helped a lot for me even seemed to help with little aches and pains and my bad neck pain from falling of a roof that I should of reported along with other med tho not just the juice but u didn’t notice a difference until I started taking their cbd and like I said there where extras you got hooked up when you where a regular and spent a lot on meds they would give you Half off something of freebies sometimes it was something I felt like I was getting away with they where so good to me I felt did everyone get treated so well because I did

  5. In 1942, five years after Cannabis Sativa was outlawed as the most dangerous narcotic ever known, the US Federal government legalized Cannabis Sativa to make equipment for the military during World War II. The US Department of Agriculture made a 14-minute instructional film for American farmers on how to grow and harvest Cannabis Sativa for the war effort. The film is titled, Hemp For Victory. The license to grow hemp that is shown in the film reads, "Producer of Marihuana".

    Hemp For Victory. USDA, 1942:

  6. Only 6% state sales tax? That state is fucked up! So much in debt, sticking it to businesses with high taxes and burdensome regulations, yet only a 6% sales tax. Jack that up and lower the others. But they're left-wing bottom feeders that'll bankrupt the state.

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