3 Reasons You Can't Stop Smoking (Dat Good Gas)

This video offers insight as to why you may be struggling with quitting the good gas smoke. Watch and enjoy, happy holidays! Follow me on …


  1. if u WANT TO stop, just stop, i smoked for 10 years every day and decided i wanted to quit, the first 5 days suck balls but after that you're good, it's all in the mind folks

  2. Hey I stopped the good gas for lent Ive smoked a year and half everyday and I’m sober 25 days I’m suppose to go till 14th of April that will mark 40 days but after that I feel like I would go back to smoking that good gas

  3. "just smoke in moderation"
    I think the majority of people searching videos like this have came to the conclusion that they cannot smoke in moderation (Myself included. I'm always bs'n myself even though I have a purpose). I really needed to hear this so good looks Doit Jack

  4. I’ve been clean for 1 year and a month. Idk i found it easy to stop shit just got boring over time. In high school, i would smoke probably twice a day, but once I graduated my smoking habits slowly graduated down. I be around my buddy who smokes bc of his epilepsy and i dont even get tempted to smoke feel like the time i spend smoking i can spend reading or working on my business. Much luck to everyone tryna stop, yall can pull through 🔥👌

  5. Been doing good so far and im not even gonna lie i had a slight relapse one of the homies had a birthday recently and all his plans fell threw no one came through. was a real fked up situation so im not going to use it as a cop out i did fire up something with him just off the strength that he was real down and out about his holidays and birthday plus i know he likes to smoke. so for that one day thats what i did with him. played the game for a couple mins and then i showed him about investing and the robinhood app something ive been into lately and trying to study

  6. if yall got a dilemma between quitting or not or cutting down ;
    just simply buy a shatter pen or vapourizer.
    you save so much bud and money.
    it turns out to be easier to cut down when u got a vape or shatter pen,
    cause u get to a point when/where u do it so much,
    that it doesn't even amuse or surprise u anymore.

    and if u gonna do it a lot make sure u productive and keep your brain active.
    read, draw, play sports, hit the gym, cook for your fam and friends, treat your chores and cleaning as a work out.
    fuck instagram and facebook.
    Connect to earth and stop killing the environment u ig celebrities goofs
    keep living that artificial lifestyle- exposing and snitching on yourself
    and see where all that unwanted attention get u noobs

    fuck alcohol
    wuddup dope heads !

  7. Been a week clean so far. Without the gas I get mad anxiety and can’t eat right but by the 5th day it started to get a lil better. Glad you made another vid on it so I can face my problems and focus on my goals. Weed kills my motivation, energy, and money. Tough to quit when all your friends do it but I’ll get thru it

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