💕Hemp Benefits AMAZING Oil For Skin 💕Hemp Seed Oil For Aging , Acne & Much

Hemp Oil For Skin – Hemp Benefits for Aging, Acne & Much More Hemp oil works great as a night time serum. Subscribe to my channel Sweet Almond Oil …


  1. You did a great job & addressed most of the questions I had as well as bonus info I didn't know I needed! What are your thoughts on mixing hemp & coconut oil? Not sure what the clog rate it of coconut oil. Much appreciation & gratitude! Please, keep the videos coming Gorgeous. #200th #NewSubscriber!
    Oh, on the Goddess braid, I love how yours turned out. It frames your face perfectly. 🤗🤗

  2. Ohhh my, thank you soo much for this info. I started using Hemp Seed Oil for a while now and it's working wonders for my skin and hair. Your video went more in depth about it and I'm happy I watched it. Keep it up, and stay blessed and beautiful.

  3. You look really quite lovely; your passion for skin care is not lost and it is quite appreciated. I believe that the dermaroller should not be used over keloids as one of the aims of dermarolling is collagen induction. A keloid is an over abundance of collagen so dermarolling could possibly worsen keloids. I stand to be corrected and am open for correction. Thank you for your effort and this video. 🙂

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