The Night Before Critmas

Special guest Julie Nathanson joins the cast of Critical Role for a hilarious “slay” ride through Dungeon Master Liam O’Brien’s “The Night Before Critmas”.


  1. HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

    0:10 Travis’s thing only works for CR

    2:30 Intro sequence

    3:30 Episode Starts

    6:05 Elf momma down

    6:35 Taliesin’s character intro

    7:05 Travis’s character intro

    7:40 Matt’s character intro

    8:15 Sam’s character intro

    8:50 Marisha’s character intro

    9:40 Julie’s character intro

    10:30 Ashley’s character intro

    12:25 Bixby Quimblerump

    13:55 Don’t tease us with action figures unless they’re in the store

    18:40 You and your fingers

    21:35 Unrecognizable Caleb

    24:50 Santa Claus intro

    27:15 Kids these days

    28:15 Fake yous

    29:45 All of the other reindeer

    32:05 First map

    36:20 Battle begins

    40:45 Recognize the alpha

    46:50 Fighting gloves

    49:05 Marisha fights to maintain the accent

    53:00 Wrath of the craftsman

    57:00 Yippee!!!

    1:10:50 Matt and Marisha talk about the war on Christmas

    1:15:30 A gift worse than death

    1:22:55 Taliesin finds the joy of being a rogue

    1:23:20 HWYLTDT (also Taliesin… really? Always?)

    1:24:50 Sam checks the Blitzens

    1:27:00 Travis gets some epic loot

    1:33:25 Usurping Santa

    1:37:15 Hazing the new girl

    1:42:35 On Blitzens

    1:48:10 The other holiday worlds are a lot less fun

    1:49:55 Sam’s whine is getting worse

    1:51:45 Break Starts

    2:01:50 Break Ends

    2:08:00 One day I want to see Travis on a Wheaties box

    2:11:20 Matt’s kill count

    2:18:55 Technically they both lifted different sacks

    2:22:50 The religion of elves is confusing

    2:32:40 Half a pot of gold

    2:35:15 Marisha is caught in the crossfire

    2:40:35 Shout out to The Man himself

    2:46:25 Matt is a very naught elf

    2:56:30 Travis is the most badass

    2:58:10 A legally distinct big bad

    2:59:45 The map is down

    3:01:30 Battle begins

    3:05:00 Julie’s spiritual weapon

    3:10:40 Marisha’s spiritual weapon

    3:12:55 The dead are tolled

    3:21:00 HWYLTDT

    3:40:55 Sam is crowning

    3:42:25 The king is here

    4:03:40 Let’s go save Christmas

    4:05:45 Butt Up is definitely Dreamworks

    4:08:35 D&D is fun

    4:09:00 Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

    4:15:05 HWYLTDT

    4:17:20 Recognize that fire graphic. That’s production value

    4:24:55 PvP

    4:26:00 You fool

    4:31:35The rebellion was kinda justified

    4:34:10 Matt Earther

    4:36:40The legend of Chutney

    4:38:10 Episode Ends

    Live viewership of this episode on Twitch peaked around 14,000 people. The in-game start date for the episode was the 24th of December.

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it tomorrow yet, I guess?

  2. It's the nightmare before critmas! The end boss needs to be the boogie man and they find an unexpected helper named Jack…
    I mean… After watching it… Because they are trying to avoid copyright infringement, there is no intentional similarity between this episode and movies about Halloween and Christmas or characters therein. Any similarities are purely accidental.

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