One Austrian Is Giving Out Medical Marijuana Despite the Consequences | WIDE WORLD OF CANNABIS

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  1. It's almost certainly "big pharma" keeping the use of medical marijuana suppressed in AT. All of Austria's pharmaceuticals are dispensed through a nationwide Apothecary "union" – there's no such thing as OTC meds. If only the proponents could get that union on board, I think there'd be a much better chance of getting the common sense decision made to allow use of cannabis for medical purposes. They could be the dispensers – easy peasy. Do I also have a selfish reason for supporting this? Yes. I suffer chronic pain in both shoulders from sports injuries in my youth and I refuse to take opiates for the obvious reasons. NSAIDS plug me up like a cork stopper. Quality of life could be SO much better! I'm sure I'm not alone. Blessings to those pushing for change.

  2. I don't see how america is so great, that it "influences" every other country to strip away a medical necessity, resulting in children and elderly people to suffer. it's a medicine that the dupont industry took away from you. I'm sorry you're all just now learning about the truth…

  3. thumbs up ich kann nur hoffen das sich die rechtliche Situation in Österreich so schnell wie möglich ändert. ohne Cannabis als Medizin könnte ich meine Wohnung nicht alleine verlassen – also bitte gebt uns die Chance ordentliches, sauberes und qualitativ  ordentliches Cannabis zu produzieren und an die menschen die es benötigen veteilen.

  4. Austria legislation was sponsored by Big Lab, so that they dont run out of money. You gotta protect the education system that charged obcsene amounts of money, amounts that are being justified by the future income they promise to their students, including future teachers and education officials… One of the sources for inflation, self-justification of the system.

    And the wheel turn, thus creating MISERY

  5. The law is retarded, yeah let's incarcerate people who help patients. Let's give them 25 to life but depending on the state a vehicular homicide can be between 3 to 15 MAYBE. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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