Oklahoma Watch-Out: The Marijuana Question

With more than 100 people attending, the debate was passionate at the Oklahoma “Watch-Out” forum on State Question 788, which would legalize medical …


  1. What's it all about? Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton and his thugs demonstrate in the video at the link below.

    Now – the Department of Health and ITS thugs are trying to thwart the will of the people as expressed in the overwhelming victory of SQ 788. What they are showing us is that they will protect their arbitrary prohibition of this plant placed in the woods and fields of the world by God Almighty – at all costs. What they will now hopefully find out is that Oklahomans meant what they said and are ready to completely decriminalize and normalize access to Cannabis Sativa. The usefulness of the substance is self-evident (Well – you could check it out in Genesis 1 if you care to bother.) But beyond this – Oklahomans are SICK TO DEATH of having the authoritarian state and its thugs all over us, beating us up, arresting us, jailing us, killing us, imprisoning us. Make no mistake – these people do these things because they ENJOY doing them (watch Walton and his thugs in the video). It is time for their teeth to be pulled, along with their taps into the tax-money coffers provided by the people.


  2. hey doc what do the stats show about being on ANY drug for 50 years, most drugs have malign effects over a long period of time. but if you are going DIE if you dont have the drugs, better to take the drugs.

  3. Cannabis is safer than cigarettes safer than alcohol safer than pills doctors push all day every day! And alcohol is related to cannabis and much more dangerous than cannabis could ever be! Alcohol has killed thousands of people every year and cannabis alone has never killed anyone and the government even holds a patent on cannabis saying it does have benefits!

  4. Keep in mind it is an herb, it’s legal in DC and the pills for pain are poisonous! Also, opioid addiction can be resolved with the help of herb.

  5. The only ones that are against it work for the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors association. It hits them in their wallet$.

  6. So many people still dont know about 788 and I saw it over a year ago. Everyone I talk to doesnt even know about it! It won't pass if the only people that know are the people that are simply old and stick in their ways!

    Now, who said cannabis cures cancer? What is he talking about? Lol

    I asked my grandmother what she thought about medical marijuana and immediately she said NO! Without even a thought that it could make people stop taking so many pills!

  7. I spent 11 years in OLD Mexico. My opinion is that the health care quality in Mexico exceeds that of U.S. healthcare. Mexican doctors are not constricted by Mexican laws regarding procedure. Keeping the government out of health care totally is a better choice. Government has no business dictating my health care.

  8. Oklahoma is ranked number 11th in the nation in corruption…the good old boy system is alive and well; many will be locked out this opportunity because they don't look like any of these morally righteous snow flakes…trust is something this state threw out a long time ago.

  9. Cannabis treats adhd and add too and this would help me adderal and other medications make me anxious then they wanna give me a pill to cover that up and make me have coordination side effects then give me a pill for that etc. This would be one prescription that would help!

  10. im having problems with doctors prescribing artificial drugs with side effects from drugs like invega risperdol haldol prolixen clozapine zyprexa and other drugs that cause involuntary motions that cannabis seems to be able to cure effects of other drugs that could be permanent if not treated with cannabis……

  11. I feel like there shouldn't be background checks because oklahoma has been criminalizing people for mmj, weed, pot what ever you want to call it… for ever so it wouldn't be fair to not give them and opportunity thats discriminating!!!!! OKLHOMA HAS TO DO BETTER #BLACKWALLSTREET

  12. Big pharma is why marijuana became illegal. It was helping so many people it took money away from pharma. If it helps pain then pharma looses a lot on pain killers. And government wants the money if the law passes.

  13. We definitely need medical marijuana in oklahoma. Oklahoma was once the no.1 state to prescribe painkillers in the nation which can be ultimately substituted for cannabis. As a kid I remember always hearing my grandmother always talking about her friends dying of overdoses here in oklahoma, but I got so used of hearing how people would die of overdosing my mind just blocked it out and now I go back and think of how many people I knew personally that died from painkiller overdosing, its just heartbreaking cause there was so many people and ill never see those people again. I'm tired of people saying weed is bad for you and it wouldn't help anything. The science is there that cannabis can in fact help people mentally and physically. Why marijuana was illegal in the first place ill never know, but the fact is we need to legalize cannabis in oklahoma like tomorrow.

    Painkillers are a pain in the ass am I right😂 but we all as Oklahomans need to say yes to sq788

  14. marijuana addiction is less then 1% of all users. As for THC% and CBD% should be by supply and demand. Limits are for government revenue building. They just want to control every aspect of cannabis and get the max revenue they can get out of it. It will have my vote and everyone that I can get to go with to boot. Network your friends get them ready to vote and K.O. win SQ 788

  15. In states with medicinal and or recreational cannabis have had a decrease in opiate abuse/over doses and a decrease in alcohol DUI's. You can not die from taking to much cannabis and it is not physically addictive and there a tons of studies just look to Israel as they are leading the world in medicinal cannabis research.

  16. Dr. Kevin Taubman has no dog in this fight. It is up to the people. If SQ 788 passes and Oklahoma legislators try to negate it us Oklahoma Citizens then need to run it as a constitutional amendment stating OK legislatures can't mess with SQ 788. I am a disabled combat veteran with PTSD and cannabis helps me better than any medication I have been prescribed and he can't decide what helps me and what doesn't.

  17. This my opinion is in the same laws had given the right to have choice to there body. And women had been give the right to end life in a form of abortions.
    But my point as adults should we have a right a freedoms to medicate our self's in marijuana. I mean people have a right to drink alcohol. Which I think Falls way more dangerous then we'd or abortion. That's the American people B and experience their freedoms and will to do what they want. Our government are not supposed to control every little thing that we enjoy doing. Basically stand up and tell the government to get off our backs.

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