I'm Quitting the Sex Industry Forever

Thank you for the support thus far; I’m such a lucky person to have met all of you and had these bonds with you. I hope they will still continue even after all of this.


  1. you said without us you would of not maid it no your still here your a beautiful women that can add to this world be strong you know how it is to be on both sides good bad your a strong person don't worry life can be good, bad learn about life you will find people that are in your place you know how it is you will make it in life plus like all of us yes you will have good times bad times may the lord help you take care of you!!!!!!!

  2. Aww don't cry. You have a great personality, and rude people on the internet are just rude people on the internet after all. I think you are the kind of person that will be succesful no matter what you decide to do. I don't know about the pirates, but have you tried DMCA protection? Also you have a very openminded mindset and you are very open to talk about yourself, wich are great traits. Just be careful that you don't talk too much, there can always be wrong people trying to doxing you or something.

  3. 😭😭😭😭😭

    your background story sounds like mine with the bad relationships and living in a hallway and or living on the street. seriously not joking either. richie is one lucky fellow because you show a lot of emotion and it does touch people in heart. i hope that what I'm about to say doesn't get taken the wrong way. but i hope to meet you one day because i said this on Twitter and twich also now YouTube. keep your chin up kid. "you got a friend in me " yes i know its from toy Story but its true though. also i know you're done with sex industry but if you ever think about being an actual model maybe i can help you with that but that up to your decision. like i said, you got a friend in me.

    from ~ chase aka tc abam

  4. Sending hugs and positive thoughts. I am new to the sex industry but I know that everyday is a struggle. Even if you don't quit forever, taking a break will be good for you to heal mentally and physically. I hope to watch you on twitch more as you inspired me to look into streaming myself.

  5. You can start a new life like new jobs etc and so you know there will be always people who are there for you! you are a great and beautiful person and I hope that you will cure from this. =)

  6. As we all know..if ur a digital content creator on the net..at some point someone is gonna steal ur shit and re-post it elsewhere its invetible sadly : But since this happened..did u notice a big drop in ur sales or something? I think the people who love/support wht u do will still pay for the awesomeness u create and support u..those who'd rather download it for free prob were not supportin u anyway ya know? Im sure we all totally respect ur decision but u gotta look at it like tht maybe as well..it happens to all of us and u gotta keep going at wht u love. Ur Cosplay stuff is amazing and glad ur not gonna stop tht either and if I ever end up in the same part of the world as u, u got my photoshoot skills at ur disposel <3 U rock and dont u dare go anywhere!!!!!

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