Worlds Largest Indoor Cannabis Plant -3 pounds dry weight

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  1. Hygrohybrid exceeded your weight per one plant. I'm not taking anything away from your skills and grow. It speaks for itself. This is just a simple comparison as you asked for. Great work. I noticed you deleted the other one I found and put the link to here. no worries.

  2. no not true I've yielded far more from a haze x nl bx to nl1 . veg the plant for three months in a 55 gal trash can and flower for 90 days under 3000 watts hps close to 5 lbs. it took 6 days a total of 29 hour to clean it . we tip the can on it's side for flowering cut wholes in the top side for watering. ahhhh back in the days. nice work

  3. So my Mom just got me some Autos for by Birtbday White W and Super S. Since I live in the part of the country that is famous around the world for very amazing cigar tobacco (which I have been growing for years) I am growing in and out. I will be adding on Gorilla, GSC, Blue Dream, Critical, Northern L. And a couple CBD strains like Harle-Tsu. Do you have any tips for me? I will take any ideas you have including lights and nutrients.

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