Why Is My Wax Not Removing Hair?

One of the biggest questions Estheticians have is “Why Is My Wax Not Removing Hair?” Well, it could be a plethora of reasons. So, let’s break it down and find …


  1. DOes wax ever go bad? I hadn't had problems stripping back the wax until recently. The past few times I've tried when I pull the strip back the wax stays on me and not the strip. I have to stick it back on and more or less have to pinch and rip the wax off my skin. I thought it was the strips at first or that maybe it wasn't hot enough but its doing the same with the new strips I got and the wax is definitely melted and ready to go…. Why might it suddenly not be working anymore?

  2. I just discovered your channel I think it's great for a professional to some give advice to people in general. I usually shave my legs and always get this after weird itchy sensation on my legs so I tried and waxed them and it feels way to different! Thank you for sharing you are great!

  3. Have you tried Ivesse wax? I received a few samples from the company to see if I liked it. Just curious if you used it or maybe you can reach out to the company for a sample and do a review on it.

  4. Hair comes back thinner? I've heard this before. My hair's very dark, with thick hairs. It's very painful to wax, bleeds sometimes, & grows back the same thickness – even after multiple waxings. I gave up on hairless legs long ago (although I lurv legs without hair). I have sensitive skin. NOTE: all my hair removal has been nonprofessional at home. Nair is too expensive – besides being a nasty, burning chemical. Shaving – it takes FOREVER to shave my legs as I have to go slowly so I don't nick the F out of myself, & the razor gets clogged every 1 – 2 inches – & the hair starts growing back within 2-3 days. Waxing is just too painful. The only thing that has worked for me is electrolysis – & that takes forever, as well. So, I resigned myself to hairy everything long ago.

  5. I bought my first wax kit at HEB and it was a soft wax, super painful and it was a difficult procedure. I then did some research online and found your videos so I bought the starpil warmer and purple wax and a 5lb bucket of blue elastic hard wax from their site. I showered last night and woke up this morning, put the prep gel on my leg. I have now been trying to wax my thigh for an hour and every time I pull it off I'm left with about 30-40% hair on my thigh, alot of those hairs look broken. so I am not sure what to do… I don't know if I just need to keep practicing and trying or what.

  6. I used to get that on my legs where the hair was under a thin layer of dead skin. It was super frustrating to wax and see that afterwards. My solution? Scrub gloves! You can buy them in bulk and sell them to your clients for around $5 a pair. The best part is that they are long lasting, machine washable and you use them in the shower daily with your regular body wash. These gloves do an amazing job at sloughing off dead skin and leave your body super smooth. The best part is your clients will see a real decrease in ingrown hairs.

    I wanted to share a tip with you and I know I left a comment on an older video of yours earlier today but I wanted to leave this here in greater detail. Ok, I am a huge Starpil fan, this is the only brand of way I use. I know you switched recently to Starpil and I see you too never looked back! I was a Cerepil user before Starpil. So, my wax that I mix and use and LOVE! Is the blue polymer beads mixed with the Starpil Starsoft blocks, for a full 5Lb batch I would mix about 6-7 blocks of Starsoft into my pot. Why? Ok, I love the elasticity and stretch of the Starsoft wax combined with the strength and quick dry down time of the blue makes for a killer combo!! I think it’s better then the EWC wax and I know that’s saying a lot but I think you would benefit so much from using this mix. I watched all your videos and I notice the strips seem to break at times keep you from laying more strips then you do. I know your a speed waxed and laying a lot of strips down is so easy with this combo, every strip comes off with ease and will still stretch when pulled. I also mix the Starsoft in with my pink polymer wax beads but for a 5Lb batch of pink mix I use about 5 blocks of the Starsoft. I also always have a pot of the Starpil Starsoft on its own. Why so many different waxes? They all have there own properties and I use each one for different reasons. The blue mix is my all purpose wax and I do use this the most. I use this for the lower legs, backs, arms and back strips of a Brazilian. I use the clear Starsoft exclusively for all my cleanup work as well as for the face, nostrils, female stomachs, upper leg, front of Brazilians, anyone with sensitive skin and any first time client who is new to waxing. The pink mix I love to use on armpits, stubborn lower legs,toes, fingers, return Brazilians where there is a mix of short dark hairs and long fine hairs, and also I like this wax for brows and necklines. I find it’s hard to efficiently wax every single body part at every stage using just one wax. I would love love love for you to make a video of you giving my mix a go!! I know you will love it because it’s such an amazing wax to use and work with. If you chose to try a small batch of the mix I would use one block of the Starsoft and then fill with the blue beads and let that heat through mixing along the way to get a nice even melt. The wax will also melt faster due to the lower melting point of the Starsoft, so that’s another plus to using the mix vs just the blue. Now that I used the mix for so long the blue just seems super hard to work with and BEFORE I tried this mix I thought ( like you) the blue Starpil was a dream to work with!! So if I’m telling you that now I find the straight blue to be hard to work with by comparison… try the mix and please make a video whether it’s a side by side blue and the blue mix or just a short trial of the blue mix on its own. I would love to get your opinion and your feedback!! Can’t wait to see how you feel about the mix!!

  7. Thank you so much this is very helpfull like REALLY. was wondering if u can list good quality hard was names. here in morocco we have italwax i dunno i didnt try it yet. but i tried an other cheaper one and it cracks alot and it was painfull and useless. again thank you so much this is really helpfull

  8. I have been at home waxing my legs and underarms with hard wax for about 4 months now, and I always had a hard time with a bunch of pieces of wax left behind. I was convinced that I was doing something wrong, and after I found your channel I have learned so much. I am binge watching all of your videos because they are all so helpful. Amazing channel!

  9. Random question, if the skin needs to be prepped before waxing to remove makeup, oil, and dirt, why is oil also applied to protect the skin? Why does the oil not prevent the wax from removing the hair?

  10. Is the start pil blue wax Good for brazilians. Cerapil worked awesome for me but I want to try starpil because the amazing reviews. The more I look into it though the pink wax and yellow wax seems best for Brazilian though. Would the blue be too elastic for Brazilian?

  11. I really need help with my roots not come out ever and ever while waxing…. As u mentioned I nvr apply any cosmetics of whatever before waxing…. But ingrown hair even after exfoliating doesn't come out….?

  12. Could you please do a video on bikini and Brazilian. How to apply the wax properly in that area and tips on where to apply the wax. Someone told me “a good waxer can do a Brazilian in 7 pulls” I would love to learn tips from you. I love your videos and I have learned so much from them! Thank yoouuuu <3

  13. Hi Kristin!
    Super random question, but what brand/style gloves are your favorite to use during waxes? I'm struggling to find the perfect gloves that I don't have to change multiple times a service. Thanks in advance!

  14. Have you ever tried hard waxes from Wax Necessities? I tried it recently and I liked it more than starpil and cirepil. I think it is a good alternative(half price of starpil), but I want to know how professional feels about it. Can you make a comparison video comparing Starpil and Wax Necessities?

  15. Thanks for the tip! I
    I have been doing the applications on paper like you mentioned earlier. I have been doing much better ! Do you powder the paper? Or do you place the wax straight on there? When I did it, the wax stuck to the paper.

  16. Hi Kristin, I was wondering what your thoughts were on mixing starsoft with the blue polymer blend. I have seen it buzzing around and was wondering if you could possibly make a video on it? I absolutely love your videos and as a fellow esthetician trying to keep her roots in waxing your videos are so super helpful!

  17. Thanks for doing this. Also, can you do a video of what is the difference between the polymer blend and the original blend of the Starpill blue waxes please.

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