1. Let me tell you something man only use rh for placing trades open a think or swim account and use it for charting it's free then go to utube to learn how to set it up, i use vwap ema sma rsi the macd, and one thing i like but most people don't use i think because they don't know how to add it is the previous close, there is a video on it you have to copy and past it to think or swim and as far as news use yahoo finance. I hope this helps you or someone out there oh ya if you can get a laptop and get off that small phone Good luck.

  2. Oh c`mon.. the Bitcoin chat feed is the perfect case study of how NOT to invest.. there is value in watching those idiots try to pump up their penny and pot stock of choice.. lol

  3. Your watchlist will switch around until you press and hold the tickets and organize them yourself putting the most important ones to you at the top. After you organize then they should stay that way. I don’t have the problem of them moving around after organizing them myself.

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