1. Haha have tried that one since I am from Sweden that is One that I like less to much watermelon taste in it.
    Prefer the tobacco taste like General, Ettan, Skruf, Grovsnus and Göteborgs Rape that is some nice snus also in Sweden we svallow the saliva we don't spit it 👍

  2. If im on 7th grade and our school has a snus problem cause everyone uses odens (includimg me sorry) thats 22mg/1g (19mg/pouch) jacobson aint shit. Once we had a "päihdevalistus" so we just talk how bad snus is and my dumb ass cracked a buck open and got caught lol

  3. My boyfriend watches this guy on the daily. You don't know how often I have to hear about all these different chews and whatnot. I decided to watch a video of outlaw's myself. You're funny but I think I'll stick to the weedtube section lol

  4. All the incest comments and all that bs are pansy ass little bitches who questioned their manhood after seein this and had to comment some womanly drama bs to feel "safe" again hahahaha

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