SC PROJECT FULL EXHAUST – Yamaha MT-07 Motovlog Japan

MT07 #Aliexpress #Exhaust So I went ahead and bought a Chinese full exhaust from AliExpress. It was $150 including shipping and arrived in just over a week.


  1. I'm glad you find the sound awful as well, because that's exactly what I was talking about in my comment on your last video 😀 It's just way too loud for such a "smaller" bike in comparison (too loud in general in my opinion). Also think about your ears, just exposing your ears for 10-20 minutes to that level of noise every day will fuck up your hearing pretty bad, i'm almost certain. If it's going to stay at such an high level of noise you better invest in some hearing protection. Trust me, tinnitus is no fun and it also gets very exhausting on longer rides, if your exhaust is just too loud,since you can't really concentrate/focus on the road. It does look pretty good though, especially these two bends just before the muffler look very good in my opinion. Muffler might be the wrong choice of words here though, since it's just a straight "pipe" 😀

    About the power: The stock exhausts look and sound pretty bad most of the time, but manufacturers spend a huge amount of time on developing and researching about the functionality of these things. So while they might not look and sound good, they're most of the time very well optimized by taking into account the air/fuel ratio, airflow etc. By sticking on a whole new exhaust, you kind of make the factory tune worthless since you also change the diameter of the exhaust and so on, so with most aftermarket exhauts you actually lose power/torque, despite what the Advertisements say. The only real way to get more power will probably be to get it on a dyno or flash the ecu of some kind.

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