1. Absolutely mind blowing! Sadly, in my opinion the human species is deeply flawed and the sooner we die out and a mark 2 starts its evolution the better. I can think of nothing worse than us spreading across the universe.

  2. It's so pointless going to the moon, and the worthless planets in our Solar System. We must get out there to the Stars.

    Hopefully, some private Space Agency will try to build these. NASA is WORTHLESS.

  3. This entire idea, in every detail, especially the zeroing of mass to achieve FTL speeds, was proposed by science fiction author Frederik Pohl in his Gateway series of novels (1977-). Musha only came up with the math to asses the possibility.

  4. Sadly, we all know this ain't gonna work, as awesome as it may be … unfortunately, Einstein reigns supreme , whatever we do

    you just can't fuck with Causality speed

  5. Why not use the light tubes made by distant galaxies? What we would need to do is convert mass into light energy like a worm hole. From there you could follow any light tube faster than light. Remember the light tube is already there that all we are doing is riding it back to the source.

  6. Mankind will never live anyehere but Earth. The elites are already working on the threat of overpopulation. They plan to kill of all humans except for about 500,000,000 who will be slaves and workers that cater to the elite. Its beyond reason that starving people continue to have babies in places like kenya and they are loaded with parasites like bot flies and chiggers.

  7. NO! We must STOP the spread of pink goo while it is still sequestered on one planet.

    Also, no, FTL will never be developed. Because if it was, we would have been overrun by tourists from the future all throughout human history.

  8. try gedunkenexperiment for a pronunciation
    [although we spell it gedankenexperiment your pronunciation overlaps with gedenken [D] which translates to remembrance]
    ;D greetings from switzerland, love your vids

  9. All of these FTL drive ideas require negative energy. Negative energy does not exist. Replace every reference to “negative energy” with “unobtanium” and you’ll have it about right. Nice scienc-y graphics, though.

  10. The Youtube monetization is REALLY getting on my nerves, all the youtubers dilate their speech so that it taaaakeeeeesssss soooooo muuuuch looooongeeeer toooo saaay { pause} aaaanyyyyythiiiiing.

  11. stupids and idiots, every single human wants his own plane tand we gave a shit to take care of this one, not even in 300 yers from now we will not be able to colonise any other planets and by then cus of our careless will destroy our mother planet

  12. there's no way this will be achieved without AI. The only real way to achieve faster than light travel is by inventing an Artificial Intelligence machine with an IQ over 500. It would have to work day and night to solve the million problems we have to deal with for interstellar travel like, shielding from space debris at those speeds, energy production, life support, redundancy, self healing craft technology, resource production, refinement, and much more. We have reached a massive barrier economically and technologically, and this fact makes me very sad thinking we will never witness setting foot on another potentially habitable planet. only if the world's billionaires would pool together 25% of their wealth to speed up research in AI and space technologies.

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