1. Fun fact the reason why Disney sequels sucked was because they used the projects to teach the new artists, writers, etc. how to make a movie and that chaned with toy story 2. As that was the first time a sequel by a Disney company was made by the veterans who made the first one and it was released in theaters instead of straight to VHS/DVD. Now they use the shorts before the movie to train new people.

  2. TMNT and PPG: Pretty much right there with you, James. Though I do remember a PPG episode that was just on that I thought was okay.

    The weird egg thing: that's also even more inappropriate if you take the visuals out of that "squishy and gooey" line. PBS, why? Just…why!?

    The…uh, sheep thing: That "I'm gonna be a furry" zinger gets really creepy considering the other stuff going on here. Not only does the scene have that weird sexual tension, but- You know what, I'm just gonna come out and say it: I just saw a fox molesting, and in that process preparing to rape, a minor. I am looking up who animated that scene and calling the cops.

  3. My favorite tv shows was american dragon james long (My favorite) dragon tales CatDog ben10 and lot more and tmnt (yeah typical early 2000s kid) and i forget i am furry dragon (scalie) problem? 😀

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