Motorcycles – a gateway drug

There are already a number of fatalities in my area and it’s only the beginning of the riding season. I hope this video helps remind all of us to stay alert and gear …


  1. Great video to share some real perspective with riders. This one really struck a chord with me and reminded me not just about friends who died on the bike, but also riders who took their own lives very unexpectedly.

    For me, riding is a form of meditation and I find it greatly therapeutic. It's funny, because when I ride I'm not thinking about what's usually on my mind, but at the end of a long ride I find ideas or perspectives about my situation that were not there before. Like I said, it's similar to a meditation for me, and something I want in my life as long as possible.

    I love the opening quote and identify with it personally, but please don't stop with moto therapy alone if you're deeply troubled. It never gets easier losing friends to suicide, no matter what means they may take their own lives with.
    For anyone who is deeply depressed I very much encourage seeking a therapist to talking to anyone they trust about their struggle, whatever that may be. There are people who love you and would miss you if you died! IMHO, let bikes be part of therapeutic practices, but I urge anyone struggling to talk with a therapist or person they trust so they don't have to isolate or shoulder the weight of depression alone.

    I realize this may seem off topic or emotional, but this video was powerful, real, & coming from a place of love for all riders. It stirred up some feelings in me that I've shared with the same compassionate spirit in which I think this video was made.

  2. Beautifully shot/edited video. Cool to see a young-gun rider who takes safety seriously. I never lecture younger riders – I know if I started riding in my 20s I would probably want the baddest bike I could get my hands on and I am sure I would be hooliganing it up. I would just say this to riders of all ages: Ride your ride. Period. If you don't feel safe on a fast bike, get a bike you do feel safe on. Ride your ride. If you don't feel safe riding with people doing wheelies, not wearing gear and riding really risky, don't ride with them. Ride your ride. If you are not comfortable lane splitting or riding fast in traffic – don't do it. Ride your ride. Wear your gear, take some training classes, ride like you are invisible and just ride your ride. 🙂

  3. Awesome video man. We look after each other everytime we go out by not pushing others to ride outside their own limits. Ride your own ride.

    Looking forward to a summer with some great rides with you brother.

  4. Great video , I've changed a lot after I've crashed few times . Looking at my life and the people around me that love me gives me a motive to ride out crazy on the streets . I'm way more cautious . This isn't how I want to die

  5. came here tru the fb page , nice vid man , your right . for me its all about do's and don't to weed out the biggest threats wich bring unnececary hazards. in the end we all after the same rush , see my vids for more of the same from a european pov . stay safe !

  6. Only thing I heard was blah blah a CBR ate my lunch ! Lol

    …just kidding good vid! 👍to any structure in life there are levels. and every level is constructed with discipline

  7. Damn, the goosebumps. This is some real shit for sure! I just started riding less than a year ago and i love it so much! But i am 100% with you in regard to not wanting to go out this way. Living life to it's fullest and enjoying the ride is what it's about, not about doing stupid shit that will kill you just to make your heart pump that tiny bit faster than it already is while on a bike. Ride safe out there man, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this difficult topic! 🙂

  8. Hey man. This was a truly excellent production. I'm sorry for all of those in your life who have passed on. When I first told my mother I was going to get a motorcycle, she shared with me the stories of three family members who had died. Just yesterday I saw an article about an NYPD officer who died during his ride (off-duty) to work. With the weather warming up here in NYC, there will be yet more bad news to come.

    Ride safe.

  9. I've crashed hard a few times. I've lost some of the best people. I love to ride so much, but right now, I can't get myself back on the streets. I hope to one day get over my trepidation. I miss it so much. Everything you said is so real. I miss it so much. Be safe.

  10. I think about the risk everytime I get on my bike. I don't ride my bike much anymore, but I'm not stopping riding, it's an awesome thing.
    I also am not a huge fan of riding at night because it's hard to be seen.

  11. Great message bro. Here in Florida it’s legal to NOT wear a helmet and in my opinion it is the dumbest traffic law that exist. If you don’t wear a jacket or jeans or boots and want to get scraped up that’s on you but you can’t replace your head.

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