Microdosing Magic Mushrooms ✧ How Much & How Often

What is the best dosage for microdosing magic mushrooms? How much to take, and how often to take them? ✧ My Experience Micro-Dosing Magic Mushrooms: …


  1. State of mind and your surroundings play a large role in your experience. I know from experience that it is nearly impossible to overdose on them as it would take huge amounts to feel any negative physical effects. Best thing is to educate yourself and look at the research to set your mind at ease before you indulge. Just my opinion.

  2. I really enjoyed your video. I'd like to know how to go from being on medications for mental health to just using mushrooms. I've experienced a great shift on my first time having them in a bigger dose, then proceed with random microdoses… My depression and anxiety lowered by like 50% so I got to cut down one of my meds in half. I know what too much serotonin feels like and used my intuition to say yes I no longer need this much of the synthetic serotonin going in on a daily level. Since then I've lost some of that effect and gone back up in my psych meds. I want to feel that freeness and happiness from that experience again. I'd like to know if anyone has information or advice on this topic 🙏💚🍄

  3. Micro dosing does not help me in any way shape or form .. actually creates anxiety for me,,

    eat 2-3 grams in a safe environment, preferably at home , my anxiety literally disappears for 3-4 months 👍

  4. I've heard one definition of microdosing is that you are taking a subperceptual amount. And so one strategy I read of someone else's was to experiment with different doses until they found the amount it took to start to experience psychedelic effects and then dial it back. They were going by increments of 100mg, which seemed reasonable to me. I have no idea how they were measuring this. But what I can say is that if you are doing it with the intention of it being subperceptual, it definitely helps to know what a perceptual amount is. You could just take the tiniest bite, but then that might not have any affect at all.
    For me this is partly self-experimentation, so I want it to be somewhat controlled. I ground up the dried mushroom in a spice grinder. Each mushroom and even parts of the same mushroom have different levels of psychoative properties. Grinding them up helps to homogenize the dose. I don't have a very precise scale so I was using regular old measuring spoons. I wanted to find the dose that was right for me and be able to replicate it. So for me that meant having an uplifting feeling and increased mindfulness, yet no affect on motor function or judgement and no hallucinations. I found even using the measuring spoons to be fairly inaccurate and imprecise. So I went to the local health food store and bought a bag of gel caps. I filled them with a tamper to try and get as much in as possible, more for consistency than amount. I did not weight them, but based on the number of pills I ended up with I'd guess somewhere between 200mg-300mg each. I guess I lucked out because I've been using my pills for the last 3 days and it is fairly consistent and I would say an appropriate dose.
    It gives me a huge amount of comfort to know what I'm getting into when I take a pill that I made, instead of rolling the dice by eating random amounts of mushrooms. I really don't think the mushroom minds.
    As far regulating the amount of cannabis you intake, that is also possible. There are many ways to get even more precise with the use of tinctures etc. But even with the 'flower" as they call it in shops here, you can too. If you put it in a bong or a pipe, you take one hit and put it down. Wait 15 mins. If you need more take more. One hit at a time. Often, one hit = one dose. Keep in mind that one limiting factor in how much smoke you intake with each hit is the size of the smoke chamber. The size of the bowl is mostly incidental. As long as it is large enough to fill the smoke chamber, it is big enough. Obviously bongs and pipes come in all shapes and sizes. Arguably a pipe is easier to administer a consistent dose.
    It is not difficult or wrong to try to take measured and controlled doses.

  5. If you grind up a nice batch and capsulize it to .2g. Then you know you will get a consistent effect every time per batch. Dosage is the difference between medicine and poison!! Be safe out there my people!! Sounds like you need to up your dose to like 3g once a week out doors for emotional repair!!

  6. I have Bipolar. I take Lithium daily . lately ive been soooo sad,depressed to the point of crying through out the day. So for the first time ever, i took .5g and it gave me a very relaxed buzz. i wasnt concerned about the stuff that makes me so anxious. it lasted about 5 hour. im going to microdose maybe 6 times a month and then take a break. anyone else use this for Bipolar? also im aware it can trigger manic episods thats why im taking so little. please help. thanks

  7. Great info thanks, 1 question – why is there such a wierd cult around using the term "plant medicine" when referring to psychedelics? Lots of non psychedelic plants are medical and psychedelics can be used for non medical purposes too. Every time I here "plant medicine" I cringe.

  8. A person’s intention to find their personal path to healing is a beautiful form of self love and care. On your road to healing, please do consider these three questions. 1. What is the healthiest most healing diet. 2.What lifestyle choices will help me heal. 3. What kind of thoughts do I entertain and how will they improve or hinder my healing process. Wisdom is the principle thing, search for it with passion. Much love and blessings to you on your journey. 🙏

  9. I was microdosing shrooms last year, it COMPLETELY cured my depression, social anxiety and alcoholism, I never felt so connected to nature, others and my self. I fell in love with life again! It was by far the best year of my life… these little fungi are a precious gift from God, I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to start truely living/loving their life again! Only problem is it’s so hard to find them of season, and I live in Nz and haven’t found any sites that ship growkits here… 🙁 great video btw! Love to see more content on these plant medicines in the future ☺️ peace ✌️🍄

  10. I honestly wasn't going to watch but I wanted to see what other videos you had, so I clicked and listened and YOU ARE GOOD AT ARTICULATING LANGUAGE AND THOUGHTS sorry caps lock its still 1998 over here 😀

    You're awesome, I want to hear you talk about "the high dose mushroom experience and the future of humanity"…

  11. Wow, seriously… This is the BEST video I have seen on this topic. So many valid points and so much that I agree with 100%. I'm not going to go in to details. But, yes, yes, yes… YOU know what's up. So do I, but I simply could not articulate it nearly as well as you have in this video. I hope this video makes it's way to all the right places. Perhaps the "spirit of the mushroom" will assist. Over 5000 views in just over a month is a good sign 🙂 EDIT: This video has spawned (no pun intended) some fantastic discussion in the comments section here too. So, I'd like to thank all who are participating in this intelligent discussion about this very important topic. High-five!!!

  12. You should always weigh your shit, don´t tell people not to weigh it is bad politics. you should weight and document your effect that you know exactly what is the correct dose of different situation. regardin the stem and the cap difference, weigh the dose of the cap and the stem and see how it effect you… you can also do a mix of both… but weigh and document …

  13. Just found your channel. I've been thinking about this topic for a few months now, and lately got real interested in Psilocybin from a video I watched of some guy telling his story about taking a huge amount of the shroom for the first time, and healing a chronic illness from it. I've not tried it yet, but I would not hesitate to micro dose on this shroom now. I've got so many questions………and yes, I'd like a vid on Cannabis for healing v's Psilocybin please. Would it be even more beneficial to take both together? I've wondered about taking just CBD from Hemp with the Shrooms, could it allow a higher dose of Psilocybin with no hallucinations? Because the CBD is an anti-psychotic! Ah, I guess I've got some growing to do.

  14. Uhm you guys that come here to look for a "perfect dose" should know that there are very varying levels of psilocin and psilocybin in shrooms and one persons 0.2 microdose might be too small for another and too big for a third.

    For example B+ doses are different than Cambodian that is a bit different from Colombian psilocybin containing shrooms (those three examples are strain names with different strenghts/effects). Oh, and Sclerotia type shrooms have a different dose as well when it comes to both tripping and MDing.

    You need to experiment in safe settings where you don't have much responsibility that can mess up if you accidentally take too much.

    Crush the (dried) medicine and then weight it up so that the difference in potency per shrool doesn't matter.

    You can do capsules or take them in any oral way depending on your taste.

    Remember that when you start to feel an actual trippy effect you've taken too much, so next time take it a bit lower.

    I've actually found that My dose is right below the trip dose where after around 1-1.5 hours I can veeeery faintly see the pattern on my wall move if I decide to stare at it and relax but without any additional effect. That will be in effect for around 10 minutes and after that short period has taken its effect (which I call the Brain Healing Period where the brain "recalibrates" with deep thoughts and veeeery minor waves in That particular situation).
    I am able to take it to that level of micdorosing and it has eliminated the mornings that I've had for over 10 years where my brain tells me "nope, f-off, you need to die because it's not worth it to breathe" and I think my method that works for Me is a valid way due to my Very extensive experience with drugs and with trips in my past life.

    Stay save and take it easy. But take it!

  15. Great video, I find more of a macro or nano dose at a more frequent pace works for me… This brings me to a point where I operate in complete harmony with my environment.. it's like life in HD.. anywhere from 1-3 doses a day.. maybe 1-3 days in a row. It's all relative to how you heal. At this point it is medicine and should be treated as such. The effects are truly epic against my extreme social anxiety. I would love to hear about your Ayahuasca experience (I have never done it) also if you have taken different mushroom species? And your thoughts on them.?

  16. Thank you for this young lady. You constantly hear people talk about micro-dosing … but they've vague on the amount. The next thing I'd love for you to do is to show us what 0.1 or 0.3 looks like. ( I bought my second Walmart digital scale …. and neither one of them are worth a damn. ) For legality … maybe you could hold up a picture instead of the real shrooms… say that a friend gave you the photo or you found it on the web someplace? (I've looked … and I can't find an appropriate graphic.)

    Thank you Kathleen!

  17. Loved your video ❤️ – I've been microdosing similar to you — I eyeball it 💚 depending on the day & my obligations I may take more or less – I've been on methadone for 13 years – recovered heroin addict but now addicted to methadone — one night I took a larger dose of the shrooms -the next morning when I woke up I had 0 desire to take the methadone — I'm on day 14 of detox now -😀. The mushrooms made me lose my fear of withdrawal – I'm eternally grateful for the magic of mushrooms — I also use edibles – I'd love to try Ayahuasca or DMT but have no way to get to Peru right now…… And no idea where to find it around me….. But I've been looking…… Hoping the vine will find me –💙 —
    Love & Light

  18. I have depression and bad social anxiety. Cannabis doesn't seem to help my anxiety so I grew some mushrooms. I thought microdosing was taking a dose weekly and I have had some improvement but not enough to say outright it works. I am going to try a smaller dose 4 days with a day off and see how it goes. I was taking 1-1.5 grams at a time, and I would get buzzed but that is not what I was looking for completely, although the buzz is nice…lol

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