Meghan McCain Owns Her Resting B*tch Face | WWHL

Meghan McCain tells Andy Cohen how hard and yet how much of a privilege it is to own the conservative co-hosting seat on “The View” and says she has the …


  1. What has Megan done/achieved in life to have such a high profile?
    Silly girl with little real life experiences taking the easy route in life by riding on her great fathers coat tails.

  2. Oh..and like others said why is Meghan 10x more likable in every way on EVERY show but the View! lol. I think he 'un-likability' may be due the work of the View to create new Hassleback-esque drama/tension w/ the rest of the liberal panel. Nicole Wallace and Jed simply meshed too much w/ the panel and that's the rumor why they were booted :/ lol.

  3. Um..forget about him 'maybe not making it 2020' (may or may not happen). Very about the Dems simply nominate a fresh, charismatic, LIKABLE, NON CORRUPT robot (who isn't ANYthing like Hillary)? lol. As god awful as she is and was and will always be she still only lost by 70-80k votes in the wrong states in a country filled with 300+ million people! I truly feel in my gut Bidens time was 2016. Perfect year for someone like him but he BLEW that chance by the powers that be anointing the hideous power obsessed witch HRC.

  4. OMG I was pleasantly surprised by Meghan's personality tonight. I hate her on the view but yet I enjoyed her on this show maybe because she's drinking. Plz bring this gal on the view tomorrow lol

  5. Please quit your View job. I'm sick of your attitude. Trump 2020 are you kidding Meghan. He's a joke. Does that mean you want an unqualified Prez to run and win again. You seem above the circus but maybe I was wrong. You're definitely not John McCain's daughter with that attitude.

  6. Teddi seems like a great gal, but is she really Housewives material? She might fit in better on the O.C or Dallas group, but she's out of place on Beverly Hills. I do find it interesting that Rinna is not impressed with her…I thought they were on good terms?

  7. Joe Biden? LOL. The man personifies the Status-Quo and has been owned by corrupting Big Money his entire Senate career. He was just in the white house for 8 years and changed nothing. Bernie Sanders is far better than Joe Biden.

  8. I love Teddi, but I get why people think she is boring. But I do not need a fight about what someone said about someones use of olives in a drink each week. Some of the best shows have been when they get along and laugh. I need laughter. Trumps America needs laughter beside from this administration.

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