1. There are more reasons ( for me ) to like Meghan ,but she can't be talked to or reasoned with once she starts pontificating .Even though it's been established fact. The Iran deal lifted sanctions and returned all their money that we froze in USA. I've heard joy try to tell her this and I've heard her say it's not true .i like her so much more than Hasselhoff ,McCain isn't stupid like Elizabeth .she is a staunch conservative ,and in the Main tries to be real ,but if she refuses to believe something provable ,then she fits in with today's GOP

  2. Is Megan McCain narcissistic? She gets really angry with the other hosts all the time and whines and turn everything around to be about HER. She's a "me", "me", "me" person. And even when the audience claps for someone else and not for her, she whines.

  3. She's my favourite member of The View. She seems really cool, and too often when she tries to get her points across- Joy Behar cuts her off. Joy gets so mad at Meghan that you can see the old bag shaking and making faces before she attacks. Sara tries to explain everything to everyone like she's talking to a classroom of mentally retarded/developmentally disabled adults. Sunny is really pretty for an older lady, but she's so fucking liberal and educated that she is a tough one to argue with. She jumps all over Meghan too, and it's not fair. But I love watching The View and yelling and cursing at them for jumping on the poor girl all the time…

  4. Meghan you are mean, evil and should keep your nasty mouth closed. I can say also that you are prejudice and you are not good at hiding. She owes the cast an apology for her nasty and disrespectful outburst this morning April 26, 2018. Joyce

  5. I stopped watching the View Because Megan is way to Vicious..With an Agenda..a Closed Mind and never lets the Viewer Forget "She s a Victim.. She need anger management ..I am done with her Explosive temperament…PASSE

  6. Megan come back when you grow up. We would like to learn something from you other than "I, I" and "Republicans" "Me" and it's not all about you. You need to put yourself aside and put others first; we know you love to hear yourself talk! Has anyone counted the times you use "I"?? When a guest comes on you have to tell us that you know them in some way-is that to sway them?? And if you feel picked on get out of the kitchen because you can't handle the shade. Talk about shade you throw a lot towards Sunny and Joy! Why not Whoopi or Sara? We were so excited to have a Republican on the show but you whine and then whine some more. Then you pout, get loud, and turn beet red. Deep breath! Thank you for not having kids, especially after your statements on today's show. Those young adult might just vote you out in a few years. Ride that coat tail because you don't have the class that your father has and never will. May you grow up and learn to love yourself.

  7. If we find out that blondie's plagerizing husband is pulling the strings on her rederic than I will be more understanding of her lacking intelligence and social skills.

  8. 1:54 How is it difficult time right now to be young and conservative when the President, Senate and Congressional groups are all run by the Republican Party right now? They even got to use that position to appoint Supreme Court justice.

  9. I came to watch this video because I watched Sunny's and it made me like her so much more, and thought it would make me do the same for Meghan. (Because I really want to like her, because I love John McCain) But nope. She's just not friendly or relatable or likeable or whatever. her only "redeemable qualities" are trashy ones that are unappreciated (like drinking beer and watching Real Housewives). In the words of Trump, Sad.

  10. I'm looking forward to the day when it gets announced on air that blondie is leaving The View. Which will be before September btw, will the studio audience give a disappointed "awe" like they did jeba belia and other co-host or will they break out into spontanous applause because we don't have to hate watch anymore.

  11. Just, "lie, cheat or steal?" What about don't be a.) disrespectful to others b.) interrupt others c.) condescend to others d.) not listen to what others have to say e.) talk over the top, louder than others f.) have tantrums g.) think you are better than everybody else. ??? These questions were lame.

  12. Meghan is the only conservative I can watch and actually be interested in what she has to say. I don't agree with everything but I am not turned off like pretty much all other conservatives when they speak. She definitely has a gift! She also speaks fast and to the point, great skill.

  13. Sometimes her opinions and the way she expresses herself on the show annoys me too, and I've occasionally commented on it as well. But I think that everyone still needs to keep listening to people they don't agree with, unless they want to live their lives in a comfortable bubble where everyone thinks the same. It's the very reason why she's on the show, and thus I don't understand this overwhelming group-hate on her in these comment sections. People almost don't even comment about anything else anymore. Has it not turned into a bullying-campaign? :/

  14. I like Meghan on the show. She gets a bit mad it's true but so what? Not every thing has to be smiles and kisses. I wonder how the people who criticize her would be on a show like this being the only liberal in the room. Imagine yourself on a talkshow on FOX News. She is honest and not afraid to express her opinions. I do not agree with her most of he time but I like her courage and honesty


  16. We don't want to get to know Meghan better.. I felt bad for her at first I just thought she was anxious because it was her first show and whatever but she has gotten progressively worse every day and as much as you can try to make her look like a decent human being with these scripted clips, she has already shown her true personality on the show and, to quote Maya Angelou, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time."

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